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Exchange of students from Zadar and Maribor (from May 28 to June 1, 2018)  Exchange of students from Zadar and Maribor (from May 28 to June 1, 2018) Minimize

  Student exchange in Maribor
on prohjects "Life With Crohn's Disease" and "Rare Diseases II"


   Students of Medical School Zadar participated in exchange with Medical and Cosmetical School Maribor from May 28th till June 1st 2018. Exchange included nine Medical School Zadar students, mentor and one of the E-medica leaders, Verica Elveđi and coordinator Tanja Serdarević.

    Zadar colleagues and students were warmly welcomed by Maribor school headmistress Katja Rek, headmistress assistant Mojca Cimmerman, E-medica coordinator Karmen Šparaš, common projects mentors Anita Bezjak and Gordana Irgoč, other school teachers and students.
   During the exchange students from Medical school Zadar participated in classes in three subjects in Medical and Cosmetical School Maribor (Physical and health culture, Domestic science and English language). They also went for sightseeing of Medical and Cosmetical School Maribor, Nursing Home Tezno, University Clinical Centre Maribor and Institute for Education, Work and Care dr. Marijan Borštnar Dornava. They spent their free time in town sightseeing, trips and friendship with their Slovenian colleagues.
Conclusion of final coordinator's meeting was that common projects mentors ("Life With Crohn's Disease" and "Rare Diseases II") shall start with project realisation through agreement on tasks distribution and period of thier performance. It was also annuonced that two school's present successfull and friendly cooperation shall be continued with Slovenian students and mentor exchange in Zadar on the end of September of next school year.

Impressions from student exchange in Maribor

  As in years before, we gathered in early morning hours and went for Maribor into new learning and adventures. We travelled for long six hours which passed in expectation of everything what was to come. Staff of Student Home Lizika Jančar whished us warm welcome. After leaving our luggage, we went to Medical and Cosmetical School Maribor where we were welcomed by students and school employees. That moment was filled with hugs and introduction. During formal reception they explained whats expected us in days to come. After lunch we went for school sightseeing which captivated us with it's interior and equipment. After that we had free time which we spent with our coleagues, Slovenian students.
   On Tuesday we visited Nursing Home Tezno. We were impressed with it from entrance all the way to last floor and nearby park. Nursing home is filled with joy and warmth. After sightseeing, it left strong impression on us. Afternoon was dedicated to city sightseeing. Rainy weather didn't bother us. We saw all main city notabilities, instituitions, squares etc.
   Wednesday was intended for school class. We participated in Physical and health culture, Domestic science and English language. After lunch, we went to University Clinical Centre Maribor. Hospital head nurse led us trough bigger part of Centre and explained important things. We spent afternoon in Adrenalin Park on Pohorje. Two hours passed quickly, filled with fun and adrenalin.
   We spent Thursday in Ptuj. Just before leaving into oldest town in Slovenia, we visited Institute for Education, Work and Care dr. Marijan Borštnar Dornava. Overwhelmed with feelings after we had seen Institute wards and all services which it provides them, we headed towards Ptuj. After we arrived, we went for sightseeing in old castle rich with history. After that we went to city centre and Thermae Ptuj where we had lunch and wellness sightseeing. We spent evening with Slovenian students.
   Friday ment the end of marvellous friendship and amusing events. Student exchange was concluded with final manifestation during which we got participation certificates. Feelings were dominant, there were tears on our departure. We hope that our cooperation will continue for long time and that other students of our school shall have beautiful experiences as ours was.

Laura Stipanov & Nikolina Dražina, Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića-Zadar


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