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Exchange of students in the project "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" (Wednesday, May 9, 2018)  Exchange of students in the project "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" (Wednesday, May 9, 2018) Minimize

Students exchange in the project  "What Does The Brain Know About Dance?"


   On Wednesday, 9'th of May 2018. we, the school participiants in the project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance" (Contemporary dance school Ana Maletić, Koprivnica high school, Nursing school Mlinarska and Nursing school Vrapče) gathered together on our first student exchange in the Contemporary dance school Ana Maletić around 6PM so we, the students working on the project and teachers mentoring us, could meet and exchange ideas, contact numbers, jokes and smiles but also listen a lecture about functions of the brain while dancing.

    Through the casual meeting we had fun talking and getting to know each other. We also exchanged ideas we had on our mind and to be a bit more serious, each student participating in the project got the assignment to read a certain part of the literature we found and prepared before the gathering, until the second exchange. We agreed that the second time we all get together, the students will present their part of the literature and share gotten opinions about it. We will highlight the points we think matter and are important for our project, point out the good and bad about what we read and at the end evaluate if that part of the literature is useful and valid for our project.
    The host of this exchange, Biserka Šavora was so pleasent to show us around the school so we could get a certain view of how the school works. She even got us in on one of the dance classes so we got the feeling too. Around 7 PM, all together we got to listen to doc.dr.sc. Goran Sedmak's lecture who works at HIIM (Croatian Institut for Brain Exploring). Few students from the Contemporary dance school Ana Maletić who don't participate in our project also joined us and listened to the lecture.
   With active listening we set bases of our project but also got a lot of new informations and refreshed the ones we knew before. I think each one of us felt even just a sparkle of passion doc.dr.sc. Goran Sedmak gave through the lecture. After the lecture we stayed together for a little more talking about the brain and dancing and we also completely used the "want to know more" option. We ended our gathering by exchanging our contact numbers, connecting on the social media and setting the date for our next student exchange which will happen on the 19'th of July, 2018.
   The impressions of this meeting are extremly positive and we look forward to our next student exchange and are exited about working together on the realizaton of the project.
   Also a big thank you goes to the doc.dr.sc. Goran Sedmak (HIIM) for helding a lecture and participating in our project.

Team of the project

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