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Exchange of students from Zagreb, Šibenik and Zadar in Belgrade (September 19-21, 2018)  Exchange of students from Zagreb, Šibenik and Zadar in Belgrade (September 19-21, 2018) Minimize

Exchange of strudents from Zagreb, Šibenik and Zadar in Belgrade


   In a pleasant summer atmosphere, within the international project "E-medica", from 19-21.9.2018. a visit was made to four medical schools in the Republic of Croatia, the capital of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, and the Dental school and Pharmacy Physiotherapy School, which are located in the Zvezdara Municipality.

   On the first working day, the director of the Dental school, Biljana Blagojević Sedlar and the director of the Pharmacy-Physiotherapy School, Biljana Vukosavljević, welcomed all 1st exchange participants, presenting the activity, the peculiarity and the activities of the leading schools.

In the first exchange was:

- School for Nurses Mlinarska from Zagreb, mentor Đurđica Stanešić with students Marija Timko and Gabrijel Džambo
- School for Nurses Vrapče from Zagreb, mentor Aleksandra Vidoša with students Karla Anić and Margaret Bakonji,
- Medical school from Šibenik, director Aleksandra Acalin, coordinator Snježana Žaja and mentor Antonija Žaja with students Nikolina Lugović and Josipa Grcić.
- Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića from Zadar, mentor Linda Bakotić with students Lucija Veršić and Ivona Knežević,
- Dental School from Belgrade, coordinator Maja Vračar and mentors Ana Gajić, Nataša Milanović, Iva Pilipović and Tomislav Alavanja, and psychologist Marijana Peulić with students Anja Marković, Miljana Todorović, Sandra Tomic, Jana Nedeljkovic, Iva Nasovic, Katarina Rankovic and Jovan Komatina,
- Pharmacy-Physiotherapist School from Belgrade, Coordinator Biljana Vasić and mentors, Sanja Vukov, Maja Pavlović and Ivan Pašić with the students Petar Urošević, Marija Nikolić, Ivana Marković, Marina Stepanoski, Nina Đurić, Filip Sedlarević, Tara Veselinović and Branislav Beković.

   The first working day nwas continued by introducing schools through video and conversation, visiting the host school, and after that, the students worked on projects:
"Burn out Syndrome", "Vaccination whether or not", "Innovative therapy in carcinoma treatment" and "Chron's disease".
   Director of the Šibenik Medical School, Aleksandra Acalin, thanked students for hospitality at Belgrade schools and invited students and teachers to be more active in the work, as it turned out that the various problems that students explore have the effect on their future psycho-physical development, which they have to decide on their own mature stances and new knowledge that they are gaining during these projects.
   After the work, in the evening, students and teachers used to learn about and exchange experiences and examples of good practice, but also for Belgrade and a little relaxation in Belgrade's Skadarlija.

    The second day of visit was used to visit the city Zvezdara municipality and the president of the same, Miloš Ignjatović who supported the project and voiced hope that the project will continue to expand. He also stressed that he understands the enthusiasm and the desire of educators to give such projects the utmost attention as they relate to the young and the old, and the issue he deals with describes the necessity of monitoring all changes in society that concern health. The president said he would help the schools in the realization of this project by putting them into an annual distribution plan of municipal funds.
   Đurđica Stanišić, a mentor of the medical school Mlinarska, has drawn attention to the importance of research work for students during which they acquire the predispositions to deal with the scientific-research work that students are doing in the master's studies.
   After a visit to the municipality, guests visited the Star Observatory, where the city council was named. The telescope in the Observatory weighs more than 1.000 kilograms and the telescope lens is roughly 500 ki8lograms.
   After the observatory, teachers and students visited the Museum of Nikola Tesla, where they had a chance to take a 15-minute movie about the life of Nikola Tesla, and then to feel the power of Tesla's finds in her body.
   Thanks to everyone who participated in the exchange, on the wonderful energy, the positive atmosphere, but also the desire for these two days to be unforgettable. Thanks to the founders and supporters of the project "E-medica", we can contribute to increasing the knowledge of our students and teachers, but also the ability to gain some new friendships and new experiences.

Kindly, warmly, and emotional greeting from Belgrade!

Beograde, September 23, 2018
mentor: Tomislav Alavanja   

Students impressions….

   Student exchange was held from 19. 09 to 22. 09. 2018. in Belgrade, Serbia. Students and mentors participating in the exchange were from School for Nurses Vrapče: Margareta Bakonji, Karla Anić, Aleksandra Vidoša; and from School for Nurses Mlinarska: Gabrijel Džambo, Marija Timko, Đurđica Stanešić.

   The exchange was organized and held by Pharmacy-Physiotherapeutic School Beograd and Dental Technical Belgrade. While we were there, there was antoher student exchange happening from project
“Squeeze Or Show Your Teeth”, “Vaccination – Yes Or No”, “Life With Crohn's Disease” and “Combustion Syndrome At Work”.

   On the first day of the exchange we went and visited Dental Technical School Belgrade, where we were taken around school and shown what a typical student day is like. After that we introduced our schools and exchanged our thoughts with Belgrade students. Then, we went to Pharmacy-Physiotherapeutic School Belgrade where we were also shown their school.

   We started working on a project by having a video call with Medical School Split. We analysed gathered information, realized student activities and agreed on the way we are going to continue this project and present it. After the working part we listened to a presentation about skin care that was held by Eucerin empoyee.
   We spent the afternoon hanging out and sightseeing. We traveled via organized transport to Dedinje. There we visited well known ‘’Kuća cveća’’, where the grave of Josip Broz Tito is located and a museum. We spent the night with students from Belgrade that showed us hidden beauties of Belgrade and took us to ‘’Beograd na vodi’’, where we all got to know each other better.

   On the second day of the exchange we visited ‘’City Hall Zvezdara’’ where we were greeted by a chairman of the township Miloš Ignjatović. Our mentors presented the project E-medica and students shared their experiences with him. After that we visited ‘’Anatomsku opservatoriju Beograd’’ where we listened to a presentation about the institution, its history and the role it has today. After the presentation we were shown one of the telescopes that is now rarely used. Our working part of the day was ended by us visiting a museum ‘’Nikola Tesla’’ where we watched a movie about his life and projects.

   After we said goodbye to our hosts, we visited Kalamengdan where we rode on a train through the park and went sightseeing.

   Student exchange in Belgrade was a wonderful experience. Not only we learned something, but we met a lot of wonderful people and made great friends. We got to know beautiful streets of Belgrade, especially well known ‘’Kneza Mihaila’’ street that shows the dynamic life of Belgrade daily and more so at night.
This was a trip that we are never going to forget, especially by great food.

Marija Timko i Gabrijel Džambo, Škola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska




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