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The first students exchange in project "Glyphosate - health at stake" (October 28th, 2018)  The first students exchange in project "Glyphosate - health at stake" (October 28th, 2018) Minimize

The first students exchange within project "Glyphosate - health at stake"


    The first students exchange within E - Medica project was realized on friday, October 28th, 2018, with subject "Glyphosate - health at stake". Exchange was organised by Medical school Varaždin in cooperation with doctor Valerio Vrček, regular professor of Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry and School for Nurses Mlinarska.

   Students with their mentors first attended the lecture of prof. dr. Valerio Vrček, dipl. eng. med. of biochemistry, on FPB in Zagreb. The lecture was about very harmful effects of glyphosate on health, its structure and the beginning of today’s very used herbicide.
   Glyphosate is a subject of political, scientific and media controversy which proofs that permit for using herbicide isn't a guarantee for human and environment health.
   In project whose custodian is Medical school Varaždin participated students Matea Hranić and Barbara Golubić with mentor prof. Nataša Vuković, Ana Debeljak and Ivana Zorotović students of Secondary School "Braća Radić" Kaštel Štafilić with mentor prof. Marija Rapanić and Valentina Gretić Sadiković and Patricia Jozić students of School for Nurses Mlinarska in Zagreb with mentor prof Đurđica Stanešić.
   Except they were "introduced" with Glyphosate, students with their mentors and coordinators from Kaštel Štafilić could enjoy a walk through city to School for Nurses Mlinarska where they continued with analysis on previous work, agreement and assignment of tasks in continuation of project and the way of presenting it on 12th review of "Days E- medica" in April 2019 at Terme Tuhelj

Barbara Golubić & Matea Hranić


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