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Exchange of project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance" (June 19, 2018)  Exchange of project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance" (June 19, 2018) Minimize

2nd student exchange of project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance"


    Tuesday, 19th of June 2018 we, the school participants in the project "What Does The Brain Know About Dance" (School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić, Zagreb, High School Koprivnica, School for Nurses Mlinarska and School for Nurses Vrapče) gathered together on our second student exchange in the Nursing school Mlinarska in Zagreb.

   The host of this exchange prof. Suzana Đanić gave us a tour around their school through the casual walk and interesting stories. She showed us- various classrooms, a student home within the school and equipped rooms for practicing nursing skills.
    Purpose of this exchange was to present and higlight pros and cons of the literature we were given during our first student exchange which was held in School for Contemporary Dance Ane Maletić (on the 9th of May 2018).
   The studies we have read showed us how dancing had a role in history of psyhiatric patients treatment, wich we had no idea about. We have also learned that dancing affects socialization and bonding between people and got a sense of the origin of the movement, how the body formes it and the technique behind performing it, and of course how the music affect it.
   After every student presented a certain part of the literature, we started to form and write down our own ideas for developing and presenting our project.
   At the end of our meeting our mentors told us to individually think about some ideas that we'll upgrade later. Our mentors listened to our ideas and wrw happy to support us and bring out some advices that encouraged us to countinue creative development of our project.
   After our meeting we hanged out a little bit more talking about our next student exchanged wich we all look foward to. Next student exchange will be held in Koprivnica

Vanessa Ceković


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