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Exchange of students: students from Maribor in Zadar (October 1-5, 2018)  Exchange of students: students from Maribor in Zadar (October 1-5, 2018) Minimize

Student exchange in projects "Rare diseases II" and "Life with Crohn's disease"


   From 1st till 5th of December in Secondary Medical school Ante Kuzmanića Zadar was held a student exchange which included students from Medical and Cosmetical High School Maribor: Amir Alić, Tjaša Draškovič, Benjamin Habinc, Maruša Hebar, Anja Kostevc, Esmeralda Kovačević, Vedran Kresojević, Alma Mešić, Vito Novak i Patricija Petek, and two teachers: Vanja Kancler & Ana Mlakar.

   First day of exchange began with appropriate welcome programme during which dear Slovenian colleagues and friends were greeted by students of school host (Dolores Brkić, Frane Brkić, Luka Čurković, Nikolina Dražina, Marisa Filipović, Matea Ivković, Karlo Jurjević, Lisa-Marie Mey, Laura Stojanov, Leonarda Šarić), headmaster of Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar, professor Davor Vidaković, national leader of E-medica project Edin Kadić, coordinator Tanja Serdarević, author of exchange programme and one of leaders of E-medica project Verica Elveđi and leaders of projects in cooperation, Sonja Šare and Ljiljana Grginović with her associate Anita Stipanov. During night hours students and teachers went for sightseeing of Zadar cultural notabilities (Museum of antique glass, Sea organs and Greeting to the Sun).

   On Tuesday students went to classes from several subjects in Medical School Kuzmanića Zadar: they attended classes of Physics at professor Filip Babok in grade1. b, at Biology class at professor Gabrijela Marin in grade 2. a and they were at class of Physical and Health education at professor Luka Plazina. Students in exchange were welcomed by head nurse of General Hospital Zadar Darija Katuša who held a presentation about organization of nursing services in Zadar hospital with her associate Ines Leto.

    Third day of exchange students went for a trip to the renovated residence of chief admiral of Ottoman fleet Jusuf Mašković, Maškovića han from 17th century and on peak Kamenjak from where they enjoyed in view on nearby Vrana lake.
    On Thursday students participated in practice in General Hospital Zadar with nurses Verica Elveđi and Marija Kresoja and at practice in Home for the old and helpless persons Zadar with nurse Sonja Šare as well as at practice in kynesitherapy in Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar with nurse Anita Mišković. After that they worked in school library with thier mentors on common procjets "Rare diseases II" and "Life with Crohn's disease".

   Last day a videconference was held. During the videconference there was final common meeting on which impressions on exchange were expressed and participants in exchange were given acknowledgements for participating in it. Second exchange in this year in common projects of schools from Zadar and Maribor was finished with song of school music band Kuzma and traditional dalmatian cakes

Coordinator Tanja Serdarević

Students impressions…..

   This exchange went by even better than we expected. We tried to be good hosts and welcome our Slovenians as they deserve. With much laughter and good jokes we created beautiful memories which we shall remember for the rest of our life.
   Those five magnificent days passed by very quickly but they made us closer and taught us a lot. We have created beautiful friendships and once again proved good collaboration between our two schools.

Leonarda Šarić, Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar

Dear hosts,
   I'd like to thank you for five wonderful days. We really enjoyed your company and also going around your beautiful town of Zadar. We are already looking forward to your visit in Maribor. Thank you for your hospitality and everything else.
Best regards

Esmeralda Kovačević i Amir Alić

   My expectations before taking part in an exchange program were great, because I had heard so much about the program from other students who took part in it. But my experience was beyond any expectations. What impressed me most was your kindness, the variety of the program and of course, swimming in the sea. I hope to get another chance to visit you again.


    Having the opportunity to take part in this exchange program was a great chance for me. It was a truly wonderful experience. I learned so many new things, gained new experiences and saw the sights and the beauty of Zadar. I enjoyed the company and kindness of your students and teachers. It is my greatest wish to see you again next year.


   Last week we took part in an exchange program between our school and Medical school in Zadar. This long-term partnership has had a strong positive effect on both teachers and students. This was our first time in E-medica and it was a wonderful experience. Our hosts spent a lot of time with us, despite all their duties and obligations. Apart from a warming welcome, the excursion, practical work in the hospital, the tour of Zadar; the best and the most memorable things were the friendships we have made. I sincerely hope these friendships will last for many years.
   We wish to thank all our hosts again and we are already looking forward to seeing you again.

Alma Mešić i Vedran Kresojević, Srednje zdravstvene in kozmetične škole Maribor

   Visiting Zadar was the time of my life. Our hosts were very kind and enthusiastic. We all got along very well. The program itself was interesting and well-organized. If possible, I'd go again.

Tjaša Draškovič

   This was my second time in E-medica exchange program.
   It was a wonderful chance to see our friends again. Each day we spent there was special. On the first day, we did a sightseeing tour around the town of Zadar.
   What I liked most was that we could do some practical work in a home for elderly people. This gave us an opportunity to see our colleagues at work and learn some new practices, which I hope we'll be able to try in our hospital in Maribor.
   As a fourth-grade student I know that this is my last visit to Zadar as a student, but I'll definitely come back as a tourist and as a friend.

Benjamin Habinc

   What can I say? This exchange program is one in a life-time experience, one can never forget. The positive energy and a bond that connects Croatian and Slovenian students is extraordinary. This exchange program is more than just a project; it means friendship, partnership and love.

    We arrived on a Monday morning, a bit tired and sleepy. In the afternoon we went around the old town, on Tuesday we attended classes at school, on Wednesday we took a trip to a lovely Vransko lake. On Thursday we did some work in the hospital and in an old people's home. On Friday, we sadly said goodbye and returned home. Our friends from Zadar are coming in January to visit us here in Maribor. I am very much looking forward to their visit, to meeting new friends, showing them around Maribor and having a lot of fun. The students and the teachers, a wonderful team, reunited again. I would also like to thank our teachers Ana Mlakar and Vanja Kancler, who enjoyed our trip as much as we did, if not even more. See you soon!

Vito Novak

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