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First exchange students from Rijeka and Split in the project "The Our Heartbeats" (November 6-7, 2018)  First exchange students from Rijeka and Split in the project "The Our Heartbeats" (November 6-7, 2018) Minimize

First students exchange in the project "The Our Heartbeats"
(November 6-7, 2018)



    The students of the Medical School from Rijeka, Doris Keđo and Edi Vučić, and mentor Zvonko Miškić, on November 6th, 2018, visited the Split School of Health. Rijeka colleagues and students were warmly welcomed by Split school headmistress Mirjana Kurtović, E-medica coordinator Sanja Perić, common projects mentor Marija Jurišić Šarlija and studensts Ana Gašić and Antonija Ivanišević.

   Most of the time was allocated to measure the heart's ECG and analyze metering data. Teamwork created a working version of the presentation. The dynamics and responsibilities for further activities under the project "The Our Heartbeats" were agreed.

   The students from Rijeka participated in the home health care lessons, visited modernly equipped cabinets and school laboratories, and mentor Zvonko Miškić participated in the physics class in the e-classroom.

   Leisure time spent sightseeing and socializing with their Split colleagues.

   At the closing meeting held on Wednesday, November 7, 2018, mentors agreed on further cooperation and division of tasks in order to successfully implement the project

Impressions from students exchange in Split

   We gathered in late evening and went for Split into new learning and adventures. We traveled for eight hours, which went through waiting for everything that followed. Warm welcome to our arrival were our employees and students of the Health Care School in Split. After a good reception we had a school that fascinated us with its interior and equipment. Then we went to the course on Health Care at Home, and after the lessons we got acquainted with the equipment we will use during the project.
   We visited the kinesiotherapy cabinet and presented our project to our colleagues from the direction of the physiotherapist who helped us in doing the task. In a relaxed atmosphere, we started work and measurements of the ECG of the heart at rest, during physical activity and after physical activity. We track the results obtained and compare them to the results obtained with smartphone applications.
   After the assignment we were on a joint lunch and on an educational walk through the city, led by professor of History from Health Care School, Mirjana Kamber. We started walking with a visit to the statue of Grgur Ninski. As we have been paying particular attention to the Diocletian's Palace, which is considered the "heart of the city", we also visited the smallest cathedral in this area that is still in function, which was created in time until Christianity was recognized as a religion. We met the old nucleus of the city, and we saw the oldest bookstore in the world "Morpurgo". After the tour we had a free time to meet and socialize and share ideas and experiences.
   During the second day, we met with the OneNote and Teams apps, through which we will cooperate in further implementation of the project.
   And finally, what makes the E-medica so special and what has drawn us to join her is the exchange of knowledge, experience, but also the friendship we care for. If you want to have friends among you, you have to do something for them, you have to devote them time, energy and attention. Our hosts did it for us too.

Doris Keđo and Edi Vučić

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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