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The third exchange in Koprivnica on "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" (November 12, 2018)  The third exchange in Koprivnica on "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?" (November 12, 2018) Minimize

The third exchange in Koprivnica on project "What Does the Brain Know About Dance?"
(November 12, 2018)


   On Monday morning, 12th of November 2018, we, students and mentors from School for Nurses Mlinarska and Nursing schooSchool for Nurses Vrapče met at Zagreb Glavni kolodvor (main railway station in Zagreb), regarding our third student exchange. We gathered there so we could catch a train to Koprivnica, the town where our exchange is going to be held this time.

   When we arived to Koprivnica, we were pleasantly welcomed by our associoates from Koprivnica high school. They led us to their school and once we got there we settled and started to present our previous knowledge about our theme project and talked about potential changes in our plans. We again asked ourselves questions like: "What even dance is, for us?" and "What do we want from this project?".
   After discussion about the project, Petra Šimunić, mentor from Koprivnica high school who is otherwise engaged in dancing held an interesting class for us. During her class we tried relaxation and body awareness techniques, worked on coordination of movementand at the end we tried a motion synchronization game with partners.
   We had a lot of fun and were sorry that our associates from Contemporary dance school Ana Maletić couldn't be there. After the class we went to the main square and into the "Beerhouse Kraluš" and tried the local speciality „bregofska pita“ which is an awesome piece of a pie you wont find anywhere out of the area. After our meals have been finished, we talked a little bit more about the project's direction and what would we want it to be like. Accompanied by The principal of Koprivnica high school and our associate Victoria we left the place and headed to the Koprivnica's railway station.

Vanessa i Veronika, School for Nurses Vrapče

   "This exchange left a positive inpact on me. The thing that I liked the most was the dance group where I was in pair with Ema. We had a great time and made a great effort. Also I loved the pie that we ate in the caffe when the exchange was over" - Vanessa

   "I have never been in Koprivnica before, so the town left me delighted. I also think we should eat more often on these exchanges! Everyone was very kind and I'm really thankful for the workshop miss Petra held for us. I felt great" - Veronika

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