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Students Exchange in Project  "We Eat (No) Healthy At School" (December 6-8, 2018)  Students Exchange in Project "We Eat (No) Healthy At School" (December 6-8, 2018) Minimize

Students Exchange in project   "We Eat (No) Healthy At School"
(December 6-8, 2018)


   As part of the E-medica project "We Eat (No) Healthy At School", Medical School Dubrovnik hosted the students and teachers from Dental Technician School Sarajevo. After the welcoming speech, the guests had an opportunity to take a tour around the School and enjoy some time together.

   The working part of the exchange involved the students of Medical School Dubrovnik and Dental Technician School Sarajevo working hard on the project. The goal of the project was to raise awareness of the importance of healthy diet in general. The survey data analysis followed (the survey on the dietary habits of students at school), as well as the analysis of body weight, height, waist size and volume of upper arms in all grades in both schools. Furthermore, the students presented the list of healthy foods to boost learning, concentration and memory. Tina Martinović and Laura Klešković followed with the presentation of the SEMEP Summer School project
AH, WHAT DO WE EAT? They stressed the importance of careful selection of foods with the help of E-tables in order to avoid purchasing foods with harmful food additives. They showed the detailed study of foods that contained harmful additives such as Coca-Cola, Napolitanka (chocolate coated wafer), various ice creams, Nescafe and instant soups. The hypothesis that the foods seen on the shelves of our stores contain harmful additives was proved.
  The evening was reserved for relaxation and fun. The participants had an opportunity to enjoy Dubrovnik Winter Festival and the music of well-known Croatian band Prljavo kazalište.

The following day was spent in hard work from early morning hours. The fellow guests attended Anatomy and Physiology lessons. With the help of Lana Ferizović Karađole, M.D., the students revised the anatomical structure and the role of certain parts of the digestive system, with the special emphasis on teeth.

After the lessons, the guests were taken for a walk to get to know the city where the distances between institutions which took care of the man and cherished the culture of health, were not measured in kilometres but only in tens metres. Thanks to interesting and detailed guidance of Nikola Grbić, the history teacher of Medical School Dubrovnik, the guests from Sarajevo enjoyed the rich cultural heritage of Dubrovnik.
In the end, the students and teachers were satisfied for having an opportunity to get this unforgettable experience. Everybody is looking forward to meeting each other again, but this time in Sarajevo.

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1 Elvira Jašarbašić, headmistress
2 Ezrema Baškailo, coordinator
3 Melisa Livnjak Kardžalić, mentor suradnik
4 Ajla Kapidžić, student
5 Dalila Osmanović, student
6 Eldara Delalić, student
7 Elmira Durmić, student
1 Marina Rudenjak Lukenda, headmistress
2 Lana Ferizović Karađole, project leader
3 Šime Karađole, mentor
4 Marija Čupić, coordinator
5 Anđela Tošić, student
6 Željka Mihaljević, student
7 Tina Martinović, student
8 Laura Klešković, student

  Marija Čupić, mag. med.techn.
Školska kordinatorica      

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