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Second Student Exchange in Project "Medicine Through Literature"  in Zagreb  Second Student Exchange in Project "Medicine Through Literature" in Zagreb Minimize

Second Student Exchange in Project "Medicine Through Literature" 
(December 5, 2018)


   On Wednesday, 5th of December 2018, the second student exchange of December was completed within the project “Medicine Through Literature” in School for nurses Mlinarska. Our school hosted students and mentors from the High School Bedekovcina, Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanica Zadar and Medical School “Draginja Niksic” Sremska Mitrovica.
     The students and mentors from Sremska Mitrovica arrived in Zagreb a day before the event, they were hosted in the students home of our school. The next morning, we greeted the students and their mentors from Zadar and Bedekovcina and proceeded to work on the project.
   Our colleagues were given a tour of our school and attended a class in Croatian hand-signal language. After completion of the two-handed alphabet system, we visited a class in the special program “Carer TES”. Likewise, we visited the lectures in class of the Anatomy and Physiology and practical training in General Healthcare and Healthcare of healthy children.
   After our lunch break, we discussed the completed tasks related to research and analytics of literature which is compulsory to all schools. We discussed and decided on the costumes and look of the scenes in the upcoming “Days of E-medica 2019.”
   In the evening, we took our guests out to the Advent in Zagreb and it was rather a fun experience. Our colleagues and mentors left with the pre-agreed destination of the next exchange in the upcoming new year of 2019 within Sremska Mitrovica.

Brigita Bajzek, School for Nurses Mlinarska

   We visited Zagreb as a part of the E-medica student exchange. We were warmly greeted by the Mlinarska medical school and Medical school “Draginja Niksic” from Sremska Mitrovica. After discussions and planning regarding the project, we were treated to food and snacks. We received a tour of the school where we visited the Anatomy class which was very interesting. Later in the evening we went into the city where we hungout and enjoyed ourselves. We had a chance to get to know the students and the professors better. We had a great and pleasurable experience and we look forward to continued collaboration.

Lorena Italo

   Respected colleagues in the “Medicine through literature”. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for another successful student exchange which happened in School for nurses Mlinarska. We would like to thank the other participating schools who took part and improved the quality of this exchange. Throughout the day we were introduced to the advantages of Schoole for nurses Mlinarska” out of which we would like to extract the course in sign language. The exchange was concluded smoothly as it was planned. All thoughts and ideas were agreed on. We would like to thank the hosts once again and the reception after the main meeting.

High School Bedekovcina

   After a very nice and friendly welcome within the school, we were hosted in the students home. The evening was spent enjoying the charms of the Advent in Zagreb and happy faces of people who enjoyed the evening with relaxing music while enjoying local traditional food. This was very impressive for us who come from a smaller place, we experienced a night in a big city with people who were excited and happy expecting the upcoming Christmas. The next day, we spent working on the project, meeting our colleagues, visiting the school and even attending some classes which showed we are collaborating with a school with “a soul” After we came to an agreement on the next steps and activities we proceeded to visit the center of Zagreb again, where we saw some historically cultural monuments, taking back with us great experience and learning a new culture and habits.
We would gladly visit again, thank you to the hosts.

Mina Vuletic

   The professors and the students warmly welcomed and hosted us. Everyone was in good spirits, and that was reflected in laughter and jokes, but when we worked, the seriousness stepped in. It was very interesting, we experienced and saw a lot. The professors were amazing. The city is beautiful ,they showed us plenty of things, also we got to learn about the history of the city, saw some beautiful buildings and city squares. The Square Ban Jelacic and Zrinski park left the best impression on me.

Todor Markovic

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