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Third Zadar´s and Maribor´s Students Exchange   (January 28 - February 1, 2019)  Third Zadar´s and Maribor´s Students Exchange (January 28 - February 1, 2019) Minimize

Third Student Exchange in two schools project of Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanić Zadar
and Medical and Cosmetic School Maribor 
(January 28 - February 1, 2019)


   At noon, on Monday, 28 February, our guests from Zadar arrived to Maribor. After a warm welcome at our school, we went to a classroom to make a plan of activities for the week, , and working on projects "Rare Diseases 2" and "Life with Chron's Disease".

   We showed our guests around the school and then we had lunch in a school canteen. In the afternoon we gathered at the nearby dormitory and then went sightseeing together.
   A local tourist guide took us around the town. The evening was spent together, getting to know each other and having a good time.
   On Tuesday we went on a trip to a small town of Ormož, where we had the opportunity to see an institution for mentally ill people. Later that day, we went to Velika Nedelja, a nearby small town and saw the local sights – the church, the watch tower and the local theatre.
   On Wednesday we had practical lessons on some wards in the city hospital. The chief nurse greeted us and showed us the Emergency unit. In the afternoon we had some free time together, just having fun.

   On Thursday our Croatian friends attended lessons at our school. After lunch it was time for some sporting activities on Pohorje. It was snowing and it was like a winter wonderland.
   TThe time passed by fast and on the last day a videoconference with the students of Medical school in Zadar was held. We were sad knowing that our visit came to an end.
   I wish to express many thanks to Mrs. Srdarević and Mrs. Grginović and special thanks and best wishes also to Mrs. Verica Elveđi.

Patricija Petek, Maruša Hebar, Amir Alić, Alma Mešić, Esmeralda Kovaćević, Vedran Kresojević i Aleks Lazarević

   And more about project work …

   And now a few words about my assignment. I and my friend are currently working on a new topic – Rare diseases. We are going to introduce our work in Terme Tuhelj, where the next E-medica days will take place. I am very much looking forward to this experience, not only because we are given an opportunity to meet friends from another countries, but also in some valuable knowledge. Since this is my last contribution to this project, the task I'm working on is really demanding and interesting. But more about it on our next visit….
     Best regards from our (and your) Maribor.

Benjamin Habinc

Our impressions from Maribor

   This year Zadar - Maribor student exchange went by perfectly. It is my first experience and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with what I saw beginning from their school system all the way to themselves. It is suprising for me how they function, how they work and have that special energy in their school.
   Whole exchange programme was excellent but I want to emphasise students who led us through it all. With their students we have started friendship which we are planning to contuinue in future.
   Exchange like this teaches us a lot, we had different experiences and we were together whenever it was possible. It was experience to remember and I hope we shall meet again.

Ivana Vazgeč

   Journey to Maribor was very nice experience for me. I met a lot of new people and visited many places and cities. I would definitely like to repeat all that so I hope for a new visit.

Karla Ivić

   When we went for a travel to Maribor, all the way I was thinking how is it going to be, will coleagues from Slovenia like us? At our arrival excitement was visible on our faces, we had expected a lot of company, fun and laughter and it must be admitted that we got more than that. For a long time we shall remember time which we spent with our Slovenian friends. Every moment was filled, we have visited a lot of interesting locations, we got acquainted with Maribor, we spent time together and exchange our practice experiences.
   We all hope we shall be able to return hospitality to our dear coleagues and that they will keep Zadar in their hart as much as we do Maribor.

Karolina Miloš

   Everybody were very sociable and they hosted us nicely. They were with us whenever they could, they went to the city with us and outside in the evening. I was pleasantly surprised with everything our friends prepeared for us and I hope I shall participate in E-medica projects again.

Anita Gustin

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