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Students Exchange in Čakovec on projects: “Organ trafficking” and “Life path of one (non)addict”  Students Exchange in Čakovec on projects: “Organ trafficking” and “Life path of one (non)addict” Minimize

One-day student exchange in Čakovec within projects
“Organ trafficking” and “Life path of one (non)addict” 
(30th January 2019 )


   On Wednesday, 30th January 2019, two student exchanges took place: third exchange within the project “Organ trafficking”, and second exchange within the project “Life path of one (non)addict”.
   Čakovec High School was visited by Pregrada High School students (Anamarija Galović, Silvija Kučko, Tea Fiket, and Lorena Lovrenščak) accompanied by their teacher Martina Pavleković, as well as Viktorovac High School students (Ivan Olujić and Leon Mohr) accompanied by their teacher Ivan Lovrić. The hosts were students Maria Paula Požgaj, Manuel Korent, and Abel Korunek, and their teachers Dunja Gašparić and Maja Ivanuša

    The project “Organ trafficking” was brought to a close by practising scenes that depict the kidnapping of a person who is to have their organs removed, organs procurement and organ trade itself. Through a short presentation, the students will show how much particular organs cost. They will also present some interesting facts connected with organ trafficking, as well as the state of organ trade in Croatia and worldwide.

    The students involved in the project “Life path of one (non)addict” recorded two videos. In the first video, they recorded an interview with a recovered addict played by one of the students. The second video shows the beginning of addiction in an adolescent who has access to narcotics in his/her immediate surroundings.
   After a long recording, the students also finished their PowerPoint presentation.

   After a hard day's work, we had dinner together, after which everybody set out for their homes, Pregrada and Sisak.

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