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Fifth student exchange on project “A Day Without A Mobile Phone“  Fifth student exchange on project “A Day Without A Mobile Phone“ Minimize

Fifth student exchange on project “A Day Without A Mobile Phone” 
(March 1th 2019)


   Within the project “A Day Without A Mobile Phone“, on Friday, March 1th 2019 in the School for Nurses Vrapče, associated school had their meeting.
    Associated schools are School for Nurses Vrapče, School for Nurses Mlinarska, High School Dugo Selo and Medical School Šibenik whose member couldn't came to Zagreb.

    When we came there, our hosts welcomed us politely. Considering we worked together on the realisation of this project, we were in touch the whole time. Everyone did their tasks before we came there so they brought finished materials fot the student exchange. For the begining with a help of Whatsapp group call we talked with Medical School Šibenik. We made up with a plan to finish our project after all conducted polls, educations and collected materials.
   We choose a way to present our project and what will be exposed in our stand in Tuhelj. We fit our materials and ideas in our presentation, also we aranged composition of presentation with a bunch of ideas. There were many different opinions, but at the end we agreed to take the best ones. We also discused about the look of our stand.
   With all the hard work there was also enough time to mingle, and even to get to know each other better. This student exchange ended with many new experiences, positive impressions and also with a wish to meet again in Tuhelj. Then we will rehearse presenting and mingle with everyone else.

Sandra Samošćanec


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