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Exchange on the project "They live in us" in Sremska Mitrovica  Exchange on the project "They live in us" in Sremska Mitrovica Minimize

Student exchange on project „They live in us” in Sremska Mitrovica
(February 28, - March 1, 2019)


   2The first students exchange between students from Srednja škola Bedekovčina and Medical school „Draginja Nikšić“ from Sremska Mitrovica was organized on 28th February and 1st March 2019 in Sremska Mitrovica, as an activity in the project „They live in us“ – “Oni žive u nama”.

    The first day, host school's students and staff welcomed us with a programme and speaches. After introducing ourselves and some snacks, our hosts accompanied us to the Public Healt Institute where the matron Vesna Nešić and dr. Gordana Ivanović gave us an insight into work of the Institute, with more details about the laboratory for parasitology. After visiting the Institute, we had a reception at City Council President.

   The City Councile President wished us a nice stay and gave us a short lecture about history of Sremska Mitrovica. We took a photo together and then the adventure followed – catamaran sail on the River Sava and lunch by the river. Plentiful lunch, sunny day, steady River Sava and easy sailing were the real energy boosters we needed for the afternoon's activities.

   The afternoon was full of activities. We had to finish our project activities. We exchanged our data, analysed them and created the PPT. We were very busy because, due to some technical difficulties, we hadn't completely finished all pre-tasks, thus had to finish the missed work and we worked till dinner. Rich dinner and pleasant music helped us to get closer as a team. After dinner we spent night at the students' dormitory.

   The second day we spend morning finishing our tasks. We continued our PPT design, agreed the way of presentation for transnational meeting in Tuhelj, and shared parts of the text we need to know at the meeting. Working hard, we managed to complete everything that was planned. Before lunch, we strolled around the school, looked into cabinets and classrooms and had some lectures at Anatomy and Medical care classes.

   After hard work, we relaxed walking in the town and visiting museums. We learned that Sremska Mitrovica used to be antique town of the Roman Province Panonija – Sirmium, one of four Roman Empery headquarters; that is proved by the Royal palace reminds. Beside the palace, we visited the Srijem Museum. We had lunch with our hosts at one local restaurant, by the river again, and spent the afternoon at the hippodrome. Riding horses and riding in a carriage was a special event since for some of us that was the first time to ride a horse or even touch them.
   We didn't make relationships only with our peers we have a project together, we also met students from Zadar, Zagreb and Dalj since they also participated at this exchange and had to finish their projects' tasks.

   As always, for the end we had a cake and enjoyed live music played on accordion. Unfortunately, everything that's nice lasts just short time, so we had to leave. We said goodbye to our kind hosts and went home, to Bedekovčina, being very thankful to our hosts and everything they'd done to make our stay an unforgettable experience; we promised each other to see in Tuhelj soon.

Karolina Ricijaš i Matej Bučev


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