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Second exchange in the project "Glyphos - Health At Risk" in Kaštel Štafilić  Second exchange in the project "Glyphos - Health At Risk" in Kaštel Štafilić Minimize

Second exchange in project
"Glifozat – Health At Risk" in Kaštel Štafiliću
(March 1, 2019)


   Matea Hranić and Barbara Golubić, pupils from Medical School in Varaždin, accompanied by their mentor, professor Nataša Vuković started a journey to Kaštel Štafilić on Friday, March 1, 2019. The purpose of this long trip was to meet the students from High School “Braća Radić“, Kaštel Štafilić and to make final preparations for the project “Glypgosate- Health At Risk“ that the pupils will present at “E-medica“ Fair Trade this year in April.

    Pupils Ivana Zorotović and Ana Debeljak together with their mentor Marija Rapanić, coordinator, professor Petrana Pupić as well as the school principal Marija Kezele warmly welcomed the guests from Varaždin in Split. Together they went to Fair Gast (Catering and Technology) where they had the opportunity to see not only traditional products from various manufacturers but also modern and innovative ones. Furthermore, tasting was also available. They tried traditional prosciutto (smoked ham) as well as coffee from the modern machine.
   After they had taken refreshments, they had to return to Kaštel Štafilić to prepare for the project. Pupils had worked really hard before coming to Kaštela so they only had to practise giving the presentation. Whereas the pupils from Nurse school Mlinarska in Zagreb were unable to come to Kaštela, the girls cooperated through social networks. They also had some free time so the students and mentors exchanged experiences in sunny, weather in fresh, sea air. They continued socializing the whole evening and went afterwards to the school`s dormitory to have their well-deserved rest.

   On March 2 after a good night`s sleep, the pupils continued practising the presentation, followed by a tour around their school. The tour included the school, school`s greenhouse where different types of plants can be seen, from citrus fruits to swiss chard or lavander to olives. After the tour they went for a walk by the sea enjoying the good company. After lunch, the pupils from Medical school Varaždin and their mentor had to pack their bags and go to Split. Professor Petrana Pupić showed them around the city of Split, they saw Diocletian`s palace and Marko Marulić`s statue and then it was time to say goodbye.

   Tired but satisfied pupils and their mentor returned to Varaždin late at night. The project has shown that the purpose of spending time together is not just research and work but making new friends and development of new ideas, as well.

Barbara Golubić i Matea Hranić


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