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Second student exchange in project "Therapy dogs" in Kaštel Štafilić  Second student exchange in project "Therapy dogs" in Kaštel Štafilić Minimize

Second student exchange in project "Therapy dogs" in Kaštel Štafilić
(February 22,  2019)


   The second exchange within the project "Therapy dogs" was held on February 22nd in Kaštel Štafilić, in the premises of the partner High School "Braća Radić". Students from School for Nurses Vrapče (Mario Nagrasajlović, Klara Jančić and Tino Pili) and students from Medical School Ante Kuzmanić Zadar (
Laura Drlja and Roberto Čakarun) arrived in the Nehaj area around eleven o'clock in the morning.

     The objective of this exchange was to get more closely acquainted to and talk with a person who has had direct experience working with an official, licenced therapy dog. In our case, that person was mrs Mara Mižor, a professor of vocational agricultural subjects at High School "Braća Radić". Her son, Pavo, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after birth, and he gained the opportunity and right to the usage of a therapy dog from the Silver Center on the basis of that diagnosis.
   Along with Lego the dog (but sadly, without her son) and students Katarina Borić and Marlena Miše, teacher Midžor welcomed the rest of the participants of the project in the living room of the school dorm.

   Despite the long and heavy trip, the students listened to teacher Midžor attentively while she was talking about all of the things she had experienced in the last three years of living with him. From paperwork, the waiting period, the legal part of acquiring a dog, to the first encounter with the dog, its way of working, and ultimately the impact the dog had on her son - all of this was covered by teacher Midžor, while Lego wondered with interest around the room from one person to another. Even though Lego wasn’t on therapy dog duty at the time of our exchange, his sole presence in the room made the atmosphere seem more relaxed. The students and their mentors curiously asked questions and jotted down the crucial facts, while enjoying homemade pastries and coffee with the dog.

   After parting ways with teacher Midžor, the students held a round table to discuss what progress has been made so far concerning the individual tasks and questionnaire of the project. We collected all of the data collected so far, set up a basic skeleton, flow, and medium for the final presentation, split up new tasks and once again reviewed the already acquired facts.
   After that we went to a nearby cafe, where we relaxed with our last coffee of the day before parting ways and heading back to our home regions.

Zlatica Šimunović

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