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The third student exchange in the project “Tradition that heals” in Kaštel Štafilić  The third student exchange in the project “Tradition that heals” in Kaštel Štafilić Minimize

The third student exchange in the project "Tradition that heals" in Kaštel Štafilić
(March 06, 2019)


   High School "Braća Radić" Kaštel Štafilić hosted the third student exchange in the project "Tradition that heals". In this final exchange the atmosphere was very relaxed. Students Klara Jukić and Antonia Tadin with their mentor Miranda Mendeš and coordinator Petrana Pupić first welcomed colleagues from Medical School Ante Kuzmanić Zadar, mentors Verica Elveđi and Marin Joja who accompanied their students Leonarda Perinić and Ante Benčić. Shortly after, the colleagues from Medical School Split arrived. There mentors were Sanja Roje and Zrinka Smoljanović Baburica with students Ivana Ujević, Matea Ribičić, Mila Vuletić, Korina Dodoja and Magdalena Tutek.


     We welcomed colleagues in the school dormitory in the school premises, but there was no need for introductions since everyone already knew each other. We shared our experiences over coffee and pastries which our students had prepared. We reached the final stage of the project; ideas were brainstormed in order to make improvements and adjustments to the presentation that will be hosted at 12th Days of E –medica 2019. Marica Tadin the music professor also came to offer her assistance.
   During work break the two of us gave our guests tours around the school and showed them all the activities done in the school. We showed them our wine cellar, laboratories, nutrition practicum, greenhouse, Eco fruit and vegetable cultivation, as well as cultivation of condiment herbs and spices, ornamental plants and flowers.
   Afterwards, everyone had lunch in the dormitory restaurant.
   The exchange took place on Mardi gras (Fat Tuesday) so lunch included traditional “Kaštela Fat Tuesday” dish, macaroni in a veal sauce and for dessert we had doughnuts. After lunch we continued to work. Materials were examined and further arrangements were made. When the working part of the project was completed, the students went sightseeing in Kaštela.
   Farewells were emotional.
   We look forward to a new meeting in Terme Tuhelj.

Klara Jukić and Antonia Tadin

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