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First Students Exchange In The Projects “Microbiome And Fermented Foods“  First Students Exchange In The Projects “Microbiome And Fermented Foods“ Minimize

First students exchange in the project "Microbiome and fermented foods“ in Zagreb
(September 19, 2019)


   The first exchnage in the "Microbiome and fermented foods“ project took place on Thursday 19 of September 2019.
    Students that participated in the exchange were: Marko Penić , Nikolina Ban and Tihomir Crnjac from Nursing school Mlinarska, Margareta Bakonji and Karla Anić from Nursing school Vrapče with mentors Aleksandra Vidoša and Đurđica Stanešić.


     The students and the mentors visited the Dietetic council of KBC Zagreb hospital where we were warmly welcomed by Eva Pavić , univ.spec.dipl.ing , the specialist of quality and food safety & the director of dietetics of KBC Zagreb hospital.
   The director of dietetics told us about the work of the Dietetic council & the basic principles of food preperation and distribution in KBC Zagreb where they prepare around 5000 meals per day in four different locations. KBC Zagreb hospital treats patients with rare metabolic diseases such as phenylketonuria and educates the patients and their families in their dietetics advisory centre.
   Next thing in line was to find out more about microbiome, the microorganisms which make about 1.2 kilograms of microbiome in the gut, the gut-brain connection and the connection between obesity and diabetes.
   We expanded our knowledge on the topic of probiotics, prebiotics, symbiotics. We learned about the foods that were rich in probiotics such as kefir, yogurt and sauerkraut. We learned about the middle eastern cheese type called “Labneh” which is made from yogurt. We also learned how to differentiate nutrition labeling and health information on the food products.
We talked about distinguishing credible research in the dietetic community. We touched on the topic of the transplatition of the faecal bacteria from a healthy individual using an enema.
   After the visit to the Dietetic council of KBC Zagreb hospital we arranged further steps in our project and discussed our plans on the next exchange

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