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First student exchange in project "Dance and Movement Therapy" (October 3, 2019)  First student exchange in project "Dance and Movement Therapy" (October 3, 2019) Minimize

First student exchange in project "Dance and Movement Therapy"
(October 3, 2019)

   On Thursday, October 3, 2019 students of High School Čakovec Alen Hajdarović and David Baranašić, School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić Zagreb Damian Vereš and Karla Horvat, Aviation Technical School Rudolf Perešin Zagreb David Buntak and High School Koprivnica Victoria Savić, Tea Barčanec and Ana Marija Friščić, who is also the project leader entitled "Dance and Movement Therapy" visited the Center for Dance and Movement Therapy "Terpsichore" in Zagreb.
   Vedrana Kurjan Manestar prof. educator, Gestalt psychotherapist and arts psychotherapist by movement and dance kindly welcomed us into her space where she performs dance therapies

   At the beginning of the meeting, she explained to us what dance therapy is and how it is performed. When we briefly heard the theoretical part, we soon went to a practical one where we all met in a fun way using the game. Then we added a bit of imagination and creativity to it, so everyone had to do some movement with their own name.
    In the end, each of us had our own movement and with the help of music, we performed an interesting "choreography" together and got to know each other and have a good time.
    We are sorry that our associates from the Medical School Šibenik could not be with us. Vedrana showed us a few more exercises and brought us closer to the fact that the movement we perform at some point can significantly affect our mood.

   In the end, when it all came together, we had an interesting and fun lecture and get-together in which we learned a lot and we thank again for Vedrana’s hospitality.
   After the workshop, we went for a constructive coffee where we exchanged impressions and tasks for the next exchange.

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