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Second student exchange in project "Dance and Movement Therapy" (November 15, 2019)  Second student exchange in project "Dance and Movement Therapy" (November 15, 2019) Minimize

Second student exchange in project "Dance and Movement Therapy"
(November 15, 2019)

   The second students exchange in the project "Dance and Movement Therapy" took place on November 15, 2019. The exchange was attended by students of High School Čakovec Alen Hajdarović and David Baranašić, School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić Zagreb Damian Vereš and Karla Horvat, Aviation Technical School Rudolf Perešin  Zagreb David Buntak, Medical School Šibenik Petra Rajić and Kristina Kunčić and High School Koprivnica Victoria Savić, Tea Barčanec and Ana Marija Friščić.

   We participated in the Move to Speech workshop at Suvag Clinic. The basis of the workshop is to encourage speech and language development through movement and dance.
   Professor Diana Mery Sarajlija introduced us to the Polyclinic's mode of operation, introduced us to the verbotonal method used in the rehabilitation of hearing and speech impaired children, and mentioned the academician Petar Guberina as the founder of the Polyclinic itself. We practically participated in exercises and games that seek to raise awareness of the importance of spatial relationships and the influence of dance movement on the psychological state of an individual, and found that non-verbal communication (movement) is important in understanding verbal. We think that the workshop is very educational and interesting, it encourages children but also adults to participate, it is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and helps us to express ourselves more easily and safely in everyday life.

   After an instructive lecture and workshop, we headed to the Ana Maletić School of Contemporary Dance to exchange ideas and share further tasks.

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