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Third student exchange in project “Microbiome and fermented food” (November 27, 2019)  Third student exchange in project “Microbiome and fermented food” (November 27, 2019) Minimize

Third student exchange in project “Microbiome and fermented food”
(November 27, 2019)

   The third exchange in the project "Microbiome and fermented food" was held on Thursday, November 27, 2019 when the Andrija Štampar School of Public Health and the Andrija Štampar Library in Zagreb visited the students and leaders of the School of Nursing Mlinarska Zagreb and the School for nurses Vrapče Zagreb .

   Students that participated in the exchange were Margareta, Tihomir and Nikolina alongside their mentors Đurđica Stanešić and Aleksandra Vidoša. Professor Lovela Machala Poplašen gave us a tour around the “Andrija Štampar” library.

   The library is opened to all users no matter their status. The library also works as Croatian Institute of public health library. The library itself consists of a room equipped with 20 computers and two student classrooms. The library is connected to the Aleph network which allows you to access data from any university library in Croatia that uses the same network. Using the library IP address, you can access numerous data bases and magazines from the biomedicine and medicine fields which is financed from our Government. Our host showed us a simple way of obtaining interesting information using PubMed data base. She also gave us some tips to help us navigate thru PubMed. We researched data on Microbiome and fermented foods. We are grateful to our host for giving us a warm welcome and the time she took out from her day to help us with our project.

   We learned how to use PubMed and will use the information that was given to for our project. We are looking forward to gaining new knowledge and information.

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