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First exchange in the project "Recognize Me And Take The First Step" (October 11, 2019)  First exchange in the project "Recognize Me And Take The First Step" (October 11, 2019) Minimize

First exchange of students in the project "Recognize Me And Take The First Step"
(October 11, 2019)

   On Friday, October 11, 2019, at 6:30 am, students from the School for Nursing Vrapče, Zagreb headed to Pula to participate in an agreed student exchange on the project "Recognize Me And Take The First Step". More specifically, their destination was Medical School Pula, where they were welcomed by two female students and their mentor.

   We were welcomed there and immediately offered juices and snacks, the atmosphere was more than comfortable. We discussed the topic: heart attack and stroke, how we plan to perform it, what we will focus on, who will have what task ... We decided that we would focus most on symptoms and first aid. We will conduct a survey of about ten questions that we will send to secondary schools (non-medical schools) in both Pula and Zagreb. With the survey we want to find out how much our generations are actually familiar with the topic and would be able to react immediately since it is not a rare occurrence. The students from Pula will review the data we collect, inappropriately eliminate and analyze the rest. We talked a bit more about plans and ideas for the next exchange. After that we went with the students to the very center where we visited the city, we saw where they most often go, some of the famous restaurants and cafes in Pula, we sat down for a drink and talked a little about the project and our profession.
   After that we went to lunch with our mentors and the principal of the medical school in Pula. At an organized lunch we talked about previous experiences in E-medica projects. However, we still talked the most about the differences between schooling in Zagreb and Pula.
   After all the socializing, having a meal and chatting, we headed to Medulin for an apartment.
   In the evening we set out on a sightseeing tour of Medulin, we also sat down for a drink and had a pleasant stay the rest of the evening.
   The next day after breakfast we headed to Zagreb.

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