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First exchange of students in the project "Orthorexia - Beyond the Screen" (October 14, 2019)  First exchange of students in the project "Orthorexia - Beyond the Screen" (October 14, 2019) Minimize

First exchange of students participating in the
project "Orthorexia - Beyond the Screen"
(October 14, 2019)

   On Monday, October 14, 2019 students of the students from School for Nurses Vrapče, Zagreb hosted the students from Secondary School Braće Radić Kaštel Stafilić - Nehaj, Secondary Medica School Ante Kuzmanić Zadar and Secondary School BedekovČina. Due to the excitement everybody could hardly wait for the announced gathering at 11 o´clock (especially the project manager). The beginning of the exchange was relaxing with bread sticks and chocolate gingerbread which were especially enjoyed by the students from Zadar and Kaštel who travelled for a long time to come to the School in Vrapče. After the introduction, visiting the school and warming for the rest of the day, there was the central part of the exchange, i. e. Orthorexia workshop.

  The students working in small groups showed diligence, ingenuity and openness for the topic. They found out why orthorexia was different from other eating disorders, how orthtorexia was recognized (Bratman´S test) and manifested and whether its appearance was associated with trends in the diet. After almost an hour of cooperative learning, the students skillfully presented the adopted contents which could be seen in the attached photos.
   After lunch break the students agreed on the tasks related to the next phases. At school around 1 p. m. Dr. Hrvoje Hendl, a psychiatrist and the head of day hospital for eating disorders H (R) ANA in Psychiatric hospital Sveti Ivan gave a lecture and moderated a discussion about orthorexia.
   After many questions and answers students headed to the centre where they further determined new insights and arrangements for the next phase of the project.
   "Students are happy and we got closer to each other. I think that cooperation and arrangements will not be a problem. We strolled a little through the city centre and had coffee. Then we escorted them to the Central railway station (almost). So I think this will all turn out great", a student Sara Pejic wrote after the first exchange of students participating in Orthorexia - from the other side of the screen project.

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