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Forth exchange of students in the project "Microbiome And Fermented Food" (November 28, 2019)  Forth exchange of students in the project "Microbiome And Fermented Food" (November 28, 2019) Minimize

Forth exchange of students in the project "Microbiome And Fermented Food"
(November 28, 2019)

   The forth student exchange in the project "Microbiome And Fermented Food" took place on Thursday, November 28, 2019.
   Students that participated in the exchange were students from School For Nurses Mlinarska, Zagreb; Nikolina Ban and Tihomir Crnjac and students from School For Nurses Vrapče, Zagreb; Margareta Bakonji and Karla Anić as well as their mentors Aleksandra Vidoša and Đurđica Stanešić.
   The activity that was conducted was a workshop that took place in School For Nurses Mlinarska, Zagreb.

  The workshop was led by professional chefs Ana and Morana and the people who attended the workshop were students from the project "Microbiome And Fermented Foods" as well as other schoolteachers. In the beginning the two chefs who were giving the lecture introduced themselves and gave a few minutes for everyone to express why they stayed to hear the lecture.
   After that they gave us a general concept of eating healthy. Morana spoke about the principles of healthy eating, she also talked about organic groceries. She pointed out the bad effects of eating processed foods and their connection to the microbiome itself. Our diet should consist of seasonal foods. We should also eat diverse and every individual should have their own diet the way that suits them. Every meal should have a high nutritional value.
   After the short introduction Ana told us some general information about the gut microbiome and the importance of keeping a healthy gut bacterial flora. She told us that various foods can have a significant effect and can even lead to the leaky gut syndrome. They gave us a brief lecture on fermented foods as well and told us a lot of different recipes which include fermented foods. They demonstrated the short pickeling technique using red cabbage and salt. They also made a type of cheese using sunflower seeds. Morana showed us how to make Kimchi – the traditional Korean fermented dish.
   For dessert we had the opportunity to try cashew cream which was server alongside freshly cut oranges. Everyone was pleased with the food they were given to us by Ana and Morana. From our student perspective this workshop was very important because we learned a lot of things which we can now pass on our classmates.
   We are grateful that we got the opportunity to participate to this presentation because it was a wonderful experience.

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