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Projects "Chromotherapy” and "Effect Of Reading On Aging” (September 30 - October 4, 2019)  Projects "Chromotherapy” and "Effect Of Reading On Aging” (September 30 - October 4, 2019) Minimize

Students exchange in projects
"Chromotherapy And How To Restore The Body To Balance” and "Effect Of Reading On Aging”
(September 30 - October 4, 2019)

   Students and teachers of Secondary School of Health and Cosmetics Maribor have traditionally gone to exchange this year at the Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanić Medical Zadar.
   On a sunny morning, friends from Zadar greeted us at the school library and informed us about the exchange of students. The students introduced themselves to us and said something about themselves, and then spent some time together. In the afternoon we went downtown to visit the Museum of Ancient Glass. We were impressed by the beautiful sunset, which was combined with the sound of Zadar organs

  The next day, we joined biology, Croatian and physics classes. It was interesting to see their way of learning, and report this to our classmates and professors. In the afternoon we have time to relax and socialize with the students.
   On Wednesday, we went for practice to nursery home and in the hospital. We helped students and at the same time exchanged experiences, knowledge and opinions. We found out that our work was a little different, but that didn't cause us any problems.
   On Thursday, students and professors from Zadar took us on a trip to Benkovac. We visited the museum, but we have had problems with strong coastal wind that prevented us from further sightseeing. Nevertheless, we used the time to socialize, took some pictures, talked and laugh a lot. In Benkovac, we also saw a new nursery home, which impressed us a lot.
We spent the last evening with the Zadar people and their professors. Hanging out with guitars, harmonica, and singing, ended with a dance that lasted long into the night. On Friday we had a video conference and said goodbye to our friends, hoping that next year will meet again.
   Finally, we would like to thank them all again, for having a lot of fun and spending wonderful time together. This memory will remain and never be forgotten.
   We are looking forward spending this winter together with you, to continue your course in Slovenian language and our in Croatian language. It is important to emphasize that we spent the afternoon exploring and preparing our joint projects "Chromotherapy And How To Restore The Body To Balance” and "Effect Of Reading On Aging”.

Barbara Dvorscak, Marusa Hebar, Patricija Petek, Urska Novak, Jasmina Motaln, Nika Budja, Urska Rojs, Martin Senekovic, Aleks Lazarevic i Tjasa Ana Bucek

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