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Third exchange in project “Alzheimer Epidemy” (October 27-30, 2019)  Third exchange in project “Alzheimer Epidemy” (October 27-30, 2019) Minimize

Third exchange of students in project "Alzheimer Epidemy"

(October 27 - 30, 2019)

   Third exchange in project “Alzheimer Epidemy” was held from October 27. to October 30, 2019. Students from the Medical School Šibenik Ana Mrčela and Petar Uroda under the mentorship of Jelena Gović have participated in the exchange. They visited Secondary School Pakrac where Marija Šapić, Sandra Kozić, Josip Dupor and Alen Rendula are working on a project.

  We welcomed our guests and hosted them in our student dorm. During their time in Pakrac we introduced them to our school, our way of schooling and we have led them to our practice in the Pakrac Hospital whilst showing them all of our hospital wards. We went sightseeing in Pakrac and Lipik as well as presented them our customs and culture. They have participated with us in the manifestation “Pink October”, where we have been active participants with our action “Mom be healthy”. This time the action was commemorated on October 30th 2019. at 10.30 a.m. on the school playground. Dressed in pink we came out to the school playground to make the shape of the pink ribbon, we took a millennium photograph and released pink balloons.
   They participated with us in the "Walk of Remembrance", which is closely related to our Alzheimer's Epidemic project, which was also the reason for the exchange and gathering. Although the rain has stopped us to spend to actively spend the "Walk of Remembrance" it didn’t stop us from releasing balloons filled with messages and positive vibrations with volunteers of Palliative team Lipa.
   We have learnt that the number of those who suffer from Alzheimer disease is continuously growing and becoming an epidemic, mostly among the population of the age above 65, but more often than not younger than 65 as well. Only early recognition of the symptoms such as memory loss, loss of special and time orientation, mood changes etc. can slow the progression of disease and make the quality of life of the family and the diseased better. An interesting workshop was held as well where we could see an emotional movie “Sparrow”, a story about father love for his son, who later returns that love to his father who suffered from Alzheimer.
   After our activities in the student dorm we worked on a project and made a montage of filmed material. Mentor Jelena has held an interesting class about creation and loss of memory which was very useful for our project and helped us better understand the information that gets lost, and which stays with those who have Alzheimer.
   This exchange has given us new friendships, experiences, and we are looking forward to our future meetings.

Sandra Kozić

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