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Third students exchange in project  "They Are Live In Us"    (February 1, 2020)  Third students exchange in project "They Are Live In Us" (February 1, 2020) Minimize

The third student exchange in project "They Are Live In Us"
(February 1, 2020)

   The third meeting in the project "They Are Live In Us" was held on February 1, 2020 in Secondary school Bedekovčina (Srednja škola Bedekovčina). Participants were students from Vinogradska School For Nurses Vinogradska (Škola za medicinske sestre Vinogradska) Ana Aberlić, Lucija Družeta Kljaić, Selma Dervišagić accompanied by their metor Miroslava Kičić, and students from Secondary school Bedekovčina (Srednja škola Bedekovčina) Karolina Ricijaš i Matej Bučev accompanied by their mentor Štefica Sukreški. Students from partner Secondary Medical School "Draginja Nikšić" Sremska Mitrovica (Medicinska škola "Draginja Nikšić" Sremska Mitrovica), unfortunately, couldn't join us.
   Our guests and we were welcomed at the Institute for Public Health in Zabok at 7.30, where we were introduced with Parasitology laboratory work. Mrs Darinka Gregurić kindly explained us methods of parasitological stool samples testing, and taught us about parasites and parasitoses incidence at Krapina-Zagorje County. Besides lectures and microscopic examination demonstration, we were given an opportunity to do some microscopic examination ourselves. We learned which parasites are the most prevalent, how they look like and the method of determination of parasites in the sample.
   After the instructive visit to the laboratory, we went to the school in Bedekovčina where we were welcomed by the project coordinator Rafaela Božić and Mrs Vera Hrvoj, the school headmistress. Mrs Hrvoj welcomed us with a short speech. After breakfast, we made a tour around our school with our guests. We showed them our practical training cabinets and participated at school’s Open days. Afterwards, we summarized the data we had collected, made a PPT and discussed the presentation modes. We agreed visit the Institute for Public Health in Zagreb and Zagreb Clinic for infectious diseases Fran Mihaljević (Klinika za infektivne bolesti Fran Mihaljević, Zagreb), and possible video-conference with colleagues from medical school from Sremska Mitrovica. After the busy morning, we had lunch and some culturing activities. We visited the museum Staro selo Kumrovec to learn about traditional architecture and trades and crafts dating back to the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Teacher Krasnodor Mikša from Bedekovčina school was our host and guide. We learned about traditional Licitar hearts, had a lovely stroll through Kumrovec to observation point above the town where we enjoyed in a beautiful day and view.
   To conclude, we learned about parasites that possibly „live in us“, learned about customs and one part of Hrvatsko Zagorje history, and spent a nice day with new friends.
   This meeting has made us richer with new friendships, new experiences and we are looking forward making a few more at the next meeting.

Karolina Ricijaš

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