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Second exchange in projects: ˝Chromotherapy ˝ and ˝The impact of reading on aging˝ (January 27-31, 2020)  Second exchange in projects: ˝Chromotherapy ˝ and ˝The impact of reading on aging˝ (January 27-31, 2020) Minimize

Second student exchange in projects
"Chromotherapy and how to get your body in balance" and "The impact of reading on aging"
(27th - 31st January 2020)

   The second exchange in projects: "Chromotherapy and how to get your body in balance" and "The impact of reading on aging" took place from 27th to 31st of January 2020 in Medical and cosmetic high school Maribor.
   A few days had passed and the impressions had not yet settled. Beautiful memories will bind us forever with our friends from Maribor. Their warm welcome wasn´t diminished by the fog that descended during the sightseeing tour of the city on the first day of our exchange. The second day we had the tour of the school. We really liked their cabinets where they showed us their way of working. We participated in Health care class, Patology, Biophysics and Cooking class where we made delicius desert that we later ate. At PE we played volleyball with home team whitch ended in a draw. Cold afternoon we spent at mountain Pohorje enjoying the snow.
   In Wednesday we went on trip to Rogaška Slatina and visited Medical centar Rogaška where we tried natural mineral water Donat Mg. During the trip in Štajerska we visited Franciscan monastery Olimpje and took a look at museum of medicinal herbs. They interduced us to the third oldest farmacy in the world.
   At Thursday we had health practice at Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, Neurology and Nephrology. The head nurse of the hospital interoduced us to organisation of health care and education of their nurses and medicanl technicians. During the sightseeing we were interduced with their Emergency and really liked their way of working. In the afternoon we worked on our projects and agreed on the final presentation solutions.
   Last day of our exchange, friday, was the saddest day because exchange was ending. We had video call with our school where they gave us certficates.
   This way we want to send thanks to kind ladies from school cafeteria and employees of Dormitory Lizika Jančar who have fulfilled all our desires.
   Special thanks to our friends from profesors Verica Elveđi and Ljiljana Grginović, and our students Danijela Matek, Anita Vazgeč, Ivana Vazgeč, Ahmet Hirkić, Anđela Koton, Ela Pavelić, Antonio Ivčić, Larisa Vekić and Marija Čulina.
   We look forward to see you in out little town and on e-medica days in Tuhelj.

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