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Second exchange and VC on project "Experiments on People in World War II" (January 10, 2020) project  Second exchange and VC on project "Experiments on People in World War II" (January 10, 2020) project Minimize

Second student exchange and video-conferance in project "Experiments on People in World War II"
(January 10, 2020)

   On Friday, January 10, 2020, a second student exchange and videoconference was carried out as part of the project "Experiments on People in World War II". The exchange was attended by the students of the Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanić Zadar, Lana Stipić and Paula Kašelić with their mentors Jelena Kevrić and Petar Karaga, the Medical School Split, Zoe Burazin with her mentors Marijana Geetz Kesić, the student of the High School Pregrada, Petra Klasić with her mentor Mario Sambolec and hosts from High School Čakovec, Manuel Korent and Abel Korunek with their mentors Maja Ivanus and Dunja Gašparić.
  On this exchange we hosted students Danijel Fruk and Petra Klasic with their mentor Mario Sambolec from Pregrada Secondary School in Čakovec Secondary School and through video call they connected with other schools. We met the guests and hung out with them for food and drink, and after a short socializing we decided to start working on the project "Experiments on People in World War II".
   In our joint research we found out some interesting and unusual and even a little scary information about the experiments conducted, such as fertilizing women with animal sperm. One of the experiments that particularly shocked us was a Russian experiment on five inmates who were given special gas that they couldn't sleep on and tried to keep them awake for 15 days. The experiment eventually ended fatal for all prisoners. When we combined all the information about the experiments into a frame presentation, we hung out with the guests for a little while and laughed with some anegdote during dinner. We exchanged the data we collected and combined into one presentation along with a survey we conducted among our peers.
   In the end, it was agreed that the students of Čakovec High School would finish the presentation by the end.

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