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Second exchange on the project "Recognize Me And Take The First Step" (February 27, 2020)  Second exchange on the project "Recognize Me And Take The First Step" (February 27, 2020) Minimize

Seconde exchange of students in the project  "Recognize Me And Take The First Step"
(February 27, 2020)

   On Thursday, 27 February, 2020, at 6 am, students from the Nursing School Pula, Pula headed to Zagreb to participate in an agreed student exchange on the project "Recognize Me And Take The First Step". More specifically, their destination was School for Nursing Vrapče, where they were welcomed by students, their mentor and principal.

  Upon arrival, we immediately headed to the Museum of the Vrapče Psychiatric Hospital, where we were introduced to the historical development of the Hospital.
   After the museum, we headed to school. They welcomed us there and immediately offered juices and snacks, the atmosphere was more than comfortable. We discussed the topic of our project "Recognize Me and Take the First Step": acute myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular stroke, the surveys conducted and their analysis. It was also about making flyers and splitting the business.
   After that we headed to the center where we visited the city, we saw where they most often go, some famous restaurants and cafes in Zagreb, we sat down for a drink and talked a little about the project and our profession and the differences in the classes and lessons. After hanging out and walking around the city, we headed to Pula.

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