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Sixth exchange in project “Microbiome And Fermented Foods” (February 26-27, 2020)  Sixth exchange in project “Microbiome And Fermented Foods” (February 26-27, 2020) Minimize

Sixth exchange in project “Microbiome And Fermented Foods”
(February 26-27, 2020)

     Sixth exchange in the “Microbiome And Fermented Foods” project took place in Belgrade from February 26 to February 27, 2020.

   The exchange was attended by students from the School for Nurses Vrapće Zagreb Karla Anić and Margareta Bakonji with mentor Aleksandra Vidoša; students from the Medical School Varaždin Matea Hranić and Iva Lovrinović with mentor Nataša Vuković; students from the Medical School Belgrade Milena Biljić and Nevena Cvejić with mentor Iljana Rakić; students from the School for Nurses Mlinarska Zagreb Nikolina Ban, Tihomir Crnjac and Marko Penić with mentor Đurđica Stanešić and students from the Dental Tehnical Belgrade Helena Kostic and Matea Melović with mentor Ana Gajić.
   Students from the Zagreb Health School Ivan Matković and Antonio Vrbančić with teachers Diana Didak and Biserka Marinčević also participated in the exchange, who through the E-medica project developed cooperation with the schools participating in “Microbiome And Fermented Foods” project.

   On the first day of the exchange we visited the Dental Tehnnical Belgrade. The day was filled with activities: school tour, getting acquainted with the directions for which students are being educated, a visit to a class in dental practice cabinets. We attended a lecture and workshop on healthy food with the expert guidance of Maria Volk. Work continued on the project: each school presented the data collected and the activities carried out in the project. The students continued to work on a play to show our project at the conference. In the afternoon we continued our informal socializing and sigthseeing of Belgrade.

   On the second day of the exchange we visited the Medical School Belgrade. We visited the school, met the teaching profiles and attended the classes. We compared the way of education in our school with the education for gynecological obstetric nurse, pediatric nurse, nurse educator and health care provider conducted by the Medical School Belgrade. They showed us their support and professional work with blind and partially sighted students. We continued to work on the screenplay for the project and shared all the tasks for the conference.
    The exchange took place in a great atmosphere and lasted too short.




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