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First meeting inside the project  "Trichinellosis Oold - New Enemy" (January 24, 2020)  First meeting inside the project "Trichinellosis Oold - New Enemy" (January 24, 2020) Minimize

The first meeting inside the project  "Trichillenosis - Old New Enemy"
(January 24, 2020)

     After three virtual meetings on the 24th of January 2020 finally an opportunity was presented for the personal meeting of students and mentors cooperating in the project E-medica "Trichinellosis Oold - New Enemy".

   Medical School in Rijeka was visited by mentors and students from the Medical and Veterinary Schools Dr. Andrije Štampara Vinkovci students Tomislav Jurišići i Anastasia Ičević with mentor Gordana Katarina, from Medical School Šibenik Valentino Janjac and mentor Nenad Kerić, and from Secondary School Braća Radić Kaštel Štafilić students Antonija Dundić i Ivan Udovičić with mentor Mirko Tocilj.
   Our dear guests were welcomed by our principal Alen Vukelić, class coordinator Nensi Araminčić and the leader of the project Martina Weinberger-Viljušić with students Hana Mašinović i Lucija Žic.
   After having lunch together in the Kvarner Boarding School we headed out to tour the city of Rijeka.
    This year is special for Rijeka, namely Rijeka has been declared the city for the European capital of culture of the year 2020 and it is visible in every part of the city. The city has been decorated and prepared for the ceremonial announcment on the 1st of february 2020.
   During a pleasant walk we visited cultural and historical parts of the city, Rijeka's Korzo, The City Tower, Kobler's square, Old town with the Leaning tower and The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After that we took a walk to the Cathedral of st. Vid and by the Rijeka tunnels walked to Dolac, the city pier and than made our way towards the school.
   Inside the school the students presented their work and than with the help of their mentors prepared and edited their combined presentation which they will use to present themselves on the "Days of E-medica". The themathics of trichillenosis combined the veterinary and health sectors. Studying and working on this theme the students put an accent on the importance and meaning of good cooperation in preventing this zoonosis. Even though trichinellosis is not as common of a disease thanks to good control and prevention protocols it was extremely prominent in the past. There are evidence and inscriptions which prove that trichinellosis was a problem even in the times of ancient Egypt and the disease was present in smaller or larger epidemics throughout history. The cause of trichinellosis, a roundworm Trichinella keeps persisting in animal reservoars like rats, wild boars, pigs and other animals. It is important to point out that in animals we see no clinical symptoms and we cannot diagnose Trichinella with a clinical examination. Only using special diagnostic mthods like artificial digestion can we confirm the invasion of meat.
   Taking into consideration the virtual meetings the students did their parts of the presentations and connected it all into one presentation which they will use to present on "E-medica". We have set up a time for another virtual meeting which should happen around the beggining of February. We are also looking forward to the meeting in Tuheljske Toplice which is coming soon.
   Our time passed by quickly and around 6:30 PM the students made their way to dinner and for a deserved break in the Kvarner Boarding School.
   I give my thanks to our principal, class coordinator and the principal of the Kvarner Boarding School which took our guests in and all of our project cooperators on an excellent time.

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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