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PROJECT: Development of joint school projects  PROJECT: Development of joint school projects Minimize

National manager of student projects:  

Zlatica Šimunović
School for Nurses Vrapče, Zagreb

Associates project team leader: 

Verica Elveđi
Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

Natalija Šnidarić
School for Nursing Mlinarska Zagreb

    School coordinators in collaboration with school leaders and project team leader and offer topics proposed new projects. On these pages are published themes and associates, as well as all the relevant information about the project.
   In this way, we can find a new partner in the proposed or new projects.
   Also, let us all be informed about ongoing projects and the topics that are being processed, as well as topics that are being planned.

   As the basis for our work to promote cooperation and communication technologies, it is the foundation of this segment develop joint
projects between two to five schools, and the use of ICT in their communication and processing of design topics. In developing joint projects with students working together, using all forms of communication (email, Adoba Cinect, Polycom, Live Meeting, Skype, Facebook, Twiter...)
   We also want to note that cooperation more schools (maximum of five schools) to develop a joint project must result in
a single presentation of the project, and that all materials (presentations, video and audio materials, surveys, documents ...) delivered via email:
e-medica@medskolazd.hr, and in order at the end were published on our website along with a summary of the project (in the "Completed Projects"). In this way, all visitors to the website E-medica able to see your work and use it in their teaching requirements.

   Please proposals and invitations to collaborate on new joint projects coordinate with školm holder of a particular project, and on completion the project manager reports to Zlatica Šimunović onna email: zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr and copy to: e-medica@medskolazd.hr

   Please note that after the project application by the chief, the deadline for signing up partners in individual projects to 18 March 2013. Until then, all the partners should report certain leaders of the Project and agree on all the details of cooperation.
   We also emphasize that the project reports should indicate emails of other school leaders in the project, and to facilitate communication and establish contacts in the work.

   Upon completion deadline partners, the project manager on the form complements complete Project Application Form and submit it to the head of E-medica, Zlatica Šimunović (on email zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr).
   The full project is published on the site E-medica and thus marks the official start of the project.

    Projects range in realizing "move" in the section "Realized joint projects", while other projects that are not implemented or did not find partners, remain on the list of "Projects in implementation" for the next year.
   Projects that have not yet been realized, or seeking partners will be published in the "Announcements of joint projects"
    In the course of each project, on this site (in the sub-pages of a particular project), will be able to publish and share documents, presentations, ...

   Project Application Form (70 kb)

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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