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Project of Secondary School Čakovec: "Human Experimentation During The Second World War"  Project of Secondary School Čakovec: "Human Experimentation During The Second World War" Minimize

Human Experimentation During The Second World War
Project of Secondary School Čakovec

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary School Čakovec
Date:  May 30th 2019
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Maja Ivanuša (maja.posedi1@gmail.com), Secondary School Čakovec
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Nikolina Zaplatić Degač (nzaplatic@hotmail.com), Secondary School Čakovec
Leader School:  Secondary School Čakovec
1. Abel Korunek, Secondary School Čakovec
2. Manuel Korent
, Secondary School Čakovec
Target Group: 
Students of medical and partner schools
Project Objectives: 
To research all types of human experimentation that was conducted during the Second World War; to acquire the skills needed for developing good relationships with one’s peers; to develop the ability of giving public performance and speaking in front of others.

- To demonstrate the criteria according to which people were selected for experimentation during the Second World War
- To list the people who were the main initiators and conductors of experiments
- To demonstrate the experiments and the way they were conducted
- To demonstrate the information about the consequences of the conducted experiments
- To demonstrate the effects of experimentation results on contemporary medicine

Place of implementation:  Čakovec
Duration (phases):  June 2019 – March 2020.
Expected Results:  Gathering and disseminating information about the experiments conducted on humans during the Second World War and their influence on contemporary medicine.
Risk Factors:

Financial resources.

Synopsis of project "Human Experimentation During The Second World War"   Synopsis of project "Human Experimentation During The Second World War" Minimize

   In the initial phase of the “Human experimentation during the Second World War” project, leader and partner schools would agree upon a meeting at which they would present their ideas about the project development. They would distribute tasks among themselves evenly and set the date until which partner schools would send their work to the leader school. The work would include articles, interesting facts and information about the experiments.

   In the second phase, schools would gather collected information about the conducted experiments. They would research where the experiments took place, criteria according to which participant were selected, the ways in which the experiments were conducted and their consequences. They would also research who were the main perpetrators and present their main motives for conducting experiments on people on the basis of available data.

   In the final phase, the schools would finalize an interesting presentation that would encompass all of our goals. They would also record several interesting videos that would help us with the project’s presentation at the review.

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