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    On this site we publish jointly reported student projects for the next school year, which have been reported by school coordinator's from school of the project holder.

   The project leaders complete the official project application form with the elaborated project plan (project synopsis) and then submit the form to its school coordinator who will forward it to the National Project Coordinator
Zlatica Šimunović (
zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr). The project is officially registered and published on the "E-Medica" website.
 Interested schools are contacted by their school co-ordinator with the co-ordinator of the project manager school who submits them as PARTNERS in the project.

   Leaders of school project teams (mentors) lead students through project and co-operation or exchange of students with other schools. These are reports that are sent exclusively through the School Coordinator to the National Leader of Students Exchange
Natalia Šdidarić (email: natalija.snidaric@skole.hr). Reports are published on the cover of the "E-Medica" web pages and in the section "Realized Exchange of Students", as well as on the official website of the project under "Projects in progress".
   The projects are being implemented during the school year and after their completion and presentation at the Review "Days of E-medica". All projects will be permanently available and "relocated" from
"Projects underway" in the section "Realized Projects".

   As the basis of our work is to promote cooperation and use of information communication technologies, this is the foundation of this segment to develop joint projects between
two to five schools through mutual visits of school teams, as well as the use of information-communication technologies in mutual communication and project theme management. In joint projects, students use common forms of communication (email, Adoba Connect, Skype, Polycom, Facebook, Twiter ...)
   We also want to point out that the collaboration of several schools on the development of a joint project must result in a
one unique presentation created by the students and that all material (presentation, video and audio materials, surveys, documents ...) should be submitted to the email of the National Project Leader Zlatica Šimunović to email
zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr. In this way, all visitors to our official "E-medica" web sites can see your work and use it for your teaching needs.

       Joint student projects in progress, which will be presented at the end of the 13th Review "Days of E-medica 2020":
  1. Dance And Movement Therapy
  2. How To See That A Person Is Lying
  3. Get Active – Make A Change
  4. Human Experimentation During The Second World War
  5. Music And Brain – From Conception Till Death
  6. Orthorexia – From The Other Side Of The Screen
  7. Recognize Me And Make The First Step
  8. Microbiome And Fermented Foods
  9. Importance Of EQ In The Work Of Healthcare Professionals
  10. How Did "Our Angels" Worked And Who They Are
  11. Epidemic of Alzehimer's Disease
  12. Life Is Not A Puzzle
  13. Laughter As A Cure
  14. Aqua Aerobics – Power In Water
  15. Plague Through History
  16. Mobile Phone – Good Servant, Bad Master
  17. Music Therapy
  18. Causes And Consequences Of Clinical Death
  19. One Herb For Everyone And Nobody Have A Headache
  20. Trichinosis - Old-New Enemy
  21. How Pets Positively Effect The Health On Humans
  22. Our Leverage
  23. Juvenile Pregnancy - Abortion
  24. Chromotherapy And How To Restore The Body To Balance
  25. Effect Of Reading On Aging
  26. They Are Alive In Us

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