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Project of Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar:   "Anxiety, recognition and education of students"  Project of Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar: "Anxiety, recognition and education of students" Minimize

Anxiety, recognition and education of students
Projekt of Secondary Medica School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

Synopsis of project   "Anxiety, recognition and education of students"   Synopsis of project "Anxiety, recognition and education of students" Minimize

The aim of the project:
  The idea of the project stemmed from a desire to examine the differences in the level of anxiety of students of secondary schools, and to educate students on early recognition, the type of anxiety and the education of how to support it and where to look for help. The goal is to make the general public, especially the younger population acquainted with the way of providing help with anxiety. In the last twenty years, there are more and more children and young people in which anxiety disorders occur. This can be linked to an accelerated way of life, reduced sociality, alienation from close friends. Anxiety disorders belong among the most common mental disorders in the adolescent age. A fundamental characteristic of these disorders are developmentally inappropriate levels of anxiety and fears that interfere with the normal functioning of the students. It is represented in both sexes equally. The timely detection and treatment of students ' anxiety can reduce the negative impact that these disorders they leave on the further development of those on school, family and social functioning of the young. The entire manifest spectrum of change of various emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical symptoms. Through the activities of research and interviewing of anxiety in students and education thereof, to examine the influence of therapy to achieve mental and physical balance.

a. agreement with school coordinator Verica Elveđi about applying the project on 13th E-medica Days
b. chioce of project name „Anxiety, recognition and education of students “
c. drafting of the project plan
d. The idea of project:
   1.) Track development of anxiety in the world with special overlook on participating states
  2) interlinking profession subjects (clinical subjects and nursing care)
  3) cooperation and inclusion of health workers and educators
  4) study the literature
  5) include the theme of project as an integral part of vocational subjects
  6) stimulate students to team work and co-operation
  7) present the project on understandable way
  8) explore and learn through the fun
  9)recogniton of new facts
 10) making brochures „To be anxious“(where they can find instructions who to ask for help and how to help themselves,and how to recognice anxiety).
 11) peer education

e. registration of schools interested in co-operation on the project
f. agreement oft he coordinator and mentor about application and implementation of the project
g. project announcement at the Teachers Council
h. selecting two students, their education and helping them in project realization
i. communication between all participants of the project
j. monitoring work on project preparation
k. analysis of what is done
l. detection of problems and risks
m. solving problems
n. constant co-ordination and co-operation with vocational leaders and school coordinators, recording and documenting the first stage of the project
SECOND PHASE (June 2019.)
- communication between school participants
- exchange student ideas
- setting deadlines for carrying out activities
- the beginning of student activitiy
- net-communication
- monitoring project performance
- records of the done
THIRD PHASE (October, December 2019.)
- Evaluation of first and second phase
-Planning of extension the project
- Communication between participating schools
- Student exchange
- Agreement about project presentation
- Uniting activities
- Record and documentation
FOURTH PHASE (January, February 2020.)
- training the project
- Net meetings
-Registration the participant students
FIFTH PHASE (March 2020.)

- Participation on the 13th Day of E medica
- Presentation of the project
- Evaluation of all project participants

Students Exchange in project  "Anxiety, recognition and education of students"   Students Exchange in project "Anxiety, recognition and education of students" Minimize
Students Exchange

 Thanks for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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