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Project of Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar: "Chromotherapy"  Project of Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar: "Chromotherapy" Minimize

Chromotherapy And How To Restore The Body To Balance
Projekt of Secondary Medica School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary Medica School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar
2. High School Braće Radića – Kaštel Štafilić
3. Medica School Osijek
4. Secondary Medical and Cosmetology School Maribor
5. Medical School Beograd
Date:  June 01th 2019
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Verica Elveđi (verica-elvedji@net.hr), Secondary Medica School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar
2. Sonja Šare
Secondary Medica School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar
3. Mara Midžor
4. Branislava Laurović
5. Metka Križ
5. Dejan Gajović
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Luka Plazina (ditezadarsko13@gmail.com), Secondary Medica School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar
2. Petrana Pupić
3. Maja Carević
4. Karmen Šparaš
5. Sandra Mrđen
Leader School:  Secondary Medica School Ante Kuzmanića - Zadar
1. Marija Čulina, ...
2. Danijela Matek, ...
3. Marina Kuzmanić, ...
4. Luka Tabain, ...
5. Tamara Mičić, ...
6. Antonio Bungić
7. Ivan Simić
, ...
8. Jasmina Motaln, ...
9. Urška Rojs, ...

Target Group: 
Primary and secondary school students.
Project Objectives: 
1. Point to the importance of color therapy to restore body balance.
2. Encourage the enlightenment of young school children on the importance of preserving mental, physical and social health.
3. Educate young school age on a healthy lifestyle.
4. Sensitize the public about the importance of psychic relaxation and treatment as a result of stressful conditions.

1. Creating Chromotherapy Data Collection Teams.
2. The beginning is for chromo-therapy and development history in the world and countries participating in the project.
3. Planning visits to institutions and clinics performing chromotherapy.
4. Interview with Chromotherapy Workers.
5.Collecting patient / client experiences on the effects of chromotherapy (with the permission of the institution and the patients).
6. Distribution of chromotherapy experiences for primary and secondary school students.

Collaborators:  Students of middle schools and medical schools, primary school students and health care workers.
Place of implementation:  Primary and secondary schools, health institutions
Duration (phases):  During school year 2019/2020
- Choosing partner school on the project (May, June 2019)
- Division of tasks between the school (June, 2019)
- Work on project-activities (September-October - December, 2019)
- Processing of collected results (January-February, 2020)
- Final activities and work on project presentation (March, 2021)
Expected Results:  Expection of:
- Increased number of educated young people about signs and symptoms of loss of mind and body balance
- Early detection of symptoms and signs of physical and mental disorders and early search for help
- young people's awareness of timely help and chromotherapy influence on reducing stress
Risk Factors:


Synopsis of project   "Chromotherapy And How To Restore The Body To Balance"   Synopsis of project "Chromotherapy And How To Restore The Body To Balance" Minimize

  The idea of the project came from the wish of the general public to get acquainted with color therapy or chromotherapy especially among the younger populations. According to scientists' claims that color therapy today represents one of the most promising and most effective methods of treatment, the goal of the project is to explore how color affects the body and mind of man. Color therapy is used in psychology, dermatology, nutritionism and even in cosmetics. An accelerated way of life to which people of all ages are exposed requires immediate intervention with a view to adapting to stress and reducing the consequences of stress. Through the activities of research on chromotherapy and the education of young people will explore the influence of color as a powerful tool for achieving mental and physical balance.

FIRST PHASE (March, April 2019.):
a. Agreement with school coordinator Vera Elveđi on registration the project at 13th E-medica Days
b. Choosing the project name " Chromotherapy and how to restore the body to balance "
c. Making of framework program plane
d. The idea of the project is:
   1.) Follow the development of Chromotherapy in the world with special emphasis on participating countries
   2) Interrelated connection of the profession subject (clinical subjects and nursing care)
   3) Cooperation and inclusion of health, social workers and members of the Association of affected
   4) Study the literature that is relevant to the Chromotherapy
   5) Include the theme of the project as an integral part of the school units of vocational subjects
   6) Encourage students to teamwork and collaborate
   7) Presenting the project in an understandable way
   8) Explore and learn through the fun
   9) Recognizing new facts
  10) Creating a flipchart, brochure ("Colors and mood", "What do I need when I'm unhappy", Why do I love long after the rain? "," Why does it calm me down "...)
  11) Shooting an educational film ("What Everything Can Paint" and "Dream Green and Yellow")
  12) Peer education
e. Registration of schools interested in cooperation on the project
f. Agreement of the coordinator and mentor about the application and implementation of the project
g. Announcement of the project at the Teaching council
h. Selecting two to three students, educating them and assisting in the realization of the project
i. Communication between all project participants
j. Following work on project preparation
k. Analysis done
l. Identifying problems and risks
m. Solving problems
n. Constant coordination and cooperation with professional managers and school coordinators, recording and documenting the work of the first stage of the project
SECOND PHASE (June 2019.)
- Communication between participating schools
- Excanging students ideas
-Defining deadlines for carrying out activities
-The beginning of student activity
- Monitoring project performance
-The evidence of the done
THIRD PHASE (October, December 2019.)
- Evaluation of first and second phase
-Planning of extension the project
- Communication between participating schools
-Student exchange
-Agreement about project presentation
-Uniting activities
- Record and documentation
FOURTH PHASE (January, February 2020.)
- Practicing the project
- Net meetings
-Registration the participant students
FIFTH PHASE (March 2020.)

- Participation on the 13th day of E medica
- Presentation of the project
- Evaluation of all project participants

Students Exchange in project   "Chromotherapy And How To Restore The Body To Balance"  Students Exchange in project "Chromotherapy And How To Restore The Body To Balance" Minimize
Students Exchange

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