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Project of Secondary School Pakrac:  "Epidemic of Alzehimer's Disease"  Project of Secondary School Pakrac: "Epidemic of Alzehimer's Disease" Minimize

Epidemic of Alzehimer's Disease
Project of Secondary School Pakrac

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary School Pakrac
Medical School Šibenik
Date:  March 17th 2018
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Ana Tidlačko (ana.tidlacko13@gmail.com) Secondary School Pakrac
Jelena Gović (jelena.plavcic@gmail.com) Medical School Šibenik
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Vesna Božić (vesnabozic7@gmail.com) Secondary School Pakrac
Snežana Žaja (crnica24@gmail.com) Medical School Šibenik
Leader School:  Secondary School Pakrac
1. Alen Rendula, Secondary School Pakrac
2. Marija Šapić
, Secondary School Pakrac
3. Petar Uroda
, Medical School Šibenik
Target Group: 
People suffering from Alzheimer's disease and their families.
Project Objectives: 
Raise awareness of the disease, improving the quality of lives of the families and those suffering of the disease. Determine the number of those affected by Alzheimer's disease and other dementions in certain parts of the country.

Define Alzheimer's disease, establish in which age group it manifests more and which sex is more often affected by it. Show how to properly take care of those affected by the disease and other dementions, and divulge which problems are most common when taking care of someone affected by Alzheimer's.

Collaborators:  Hrvatska udruga za Alzheimerovu bolest, Palijativni tim LiPa
Place of implementation:  Secondary School Pakrac.
Duration (phases):  Sepember 2018 – March 2019
Expected Results:  Raising awareness of Alzeimer's diesease.
Education of families of those affected by Alzeimer's diesease.
Determination of the number of those affected by the illnes in certain areas of the country (also which sex is more affected).
Risk Factors:


Synopsis of project   "Epidemic of Alzehimer's Disease"  Synopsis of project "Epidemic of Alzehimer's Disease" Minimize


   The goal of the project is to define Alzheimer's disease and who are the patients affected by it. Determine the most commonly affected sex and age group of the patients and make the division of the goups in certain areas. Show how to properly take care of a patient affected by Alzheimer's, how the patients affected spend their day and which problems occur daily. Show how to educate the family of the diseased and show them how to more easily take care of the patient.

1st stage (February, March 2018):
• Choosing the topic with the students
• Looking for projects partners

2nd stage (May, June 2018.):
• Communication with the partners
• Division of tasks
• Choosing the students for the project

3rd stage (September, October, November 2018):
• Communication with the partners
• Analysis of the progress
• Student exchange

4th stage (January, February 2019):
• Communication with the partners
• Practicing
• Participation in 13th "Days of E-medica 2020"

Students Exchange in project   "Epidemic of Alzehimer's Disease"   Students Exchange in project "Epidemic of Alzehimer's Disease" Minimize
Students Exchange

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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