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Project of Secondary School Pakrac: "Life Is Not A Puzzle"   Project of Secondary School Pakrac: "Life Is Not A Puzzle" Minimize

Life Is Not A Puzzle
Project of Secondary School Pakrac

    Participating Schools:  1. Secondary School Pakrac, Pakrac
2. Maritime School Zadar
3. Secondary School
"Miloš Crnjanski" Kikinda
Date:  March 31st 2019
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Ana Tidlačko (ana.tidlacko13@gmail.com), Secondary School Pakrac
2. Ivana Supičić
Maritime School Zadar
3. Vanja Injac
Secondary School "Miloš Crnjanski" Kikinda
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Vesna Božić (vesnabozic7@gmail.com) Secondary School Pakrac
Marin Perinić (marin.perinic@skole.hr), Maritime School Zadar
3. Vanja Injac
, Secondary School "Miloš Crnjanski" Kikinda
Leader School:  Secondary School Pakrac
1. Alen Rendula, Secondary School Pakrac
2. Marija Šapić
, Secondary School Pakrac
3. Dino Mustać
, Maritime School Zadar
4. Vito Stanin
, Maritime School Zadar
5. Andrea Dokić
, Secondary School Kikinda
6. Tijana Karić
, Secondary School Kikinda
Target Group: 
Students of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.
Project Objectives: 
Help students realize that life is an adventure, not a problem that needs to be solved.
Explore ways to deal with stress in adolescence
Learn techniques of dealing with stress.

Define stress
Become aware of your own emotions and situations that cause them
Learn how to deal with stress correctly
Breathing techniques as a way to relieve stress.

Place of implementation:  In participating schools.
Duration (phases):  From May 2019 until the beginning of 13. Review "Days of E-Medica 2020"
Expected Results:  Learn techniques which help battle stress.
Risk Factors:

Lack of financial resources and cooperation 

Synopsis of project "Life Is Not A Puzzle"   Synopsis of project "Life Is Not A Puzzle" Minimize

Help adolescents recognize that life is not a jigsaw puzzle and that we can not fit all parts of it together
• Explore which problems high school students most commonly encounter with
• Explore the ways in which students confront the problems that arise during their education
• Describe stress and physical experiences related to stress
• Create a questionnaire for evaluating stress levels in students
• Learn techniques to cope with stress
• Learn breathing techniques in stressful situations
• Learn how to handle problems "step by step"

from May 2019 to 13th Review "Days of E-medica 2020":
Phase 1: discussing with all partner schools' planned activities and assignment of tasks
Phase 2: student work on the obtained tasks, research implementation
Stage 3: meeting / videoconferencing and / or exchanging of partners to assess project's development
Stage 4: finalization of the project - meeting / videoconferencing of the partner schools for the disussion on presentation of work and results of the project

• Consistent exchange of information between all project participants
• Develop teamwork
• Encourage creativity
• Develop tolerance and encourage positive communication
• To get to know and express yourself and your identity without jeopardizing others

Students Exchange in project  "Life Is Not A Puzzle"   Students Exchange in project "Life Is Not A Puzzle" Minimize

 Thanks for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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