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Project of Medical School Rijeka: "Our Leverage"   Project of Medical School Rijeka: "Our Leverage" Minimize

Our Leverage
Projekt of Medical School Rijeka

    Participating Schools:  1. Medical School Rijeka
2. 1st Gymnasium Split
3. School for Nurses Vrapče
4. Medical School Split
Date:  Maye 28th 2019
Project Leaders (e-mail):  1. Zvonko Miškić (zvonko.miskic@skole.hr), Medical School Rijeka
2. Damira Čupić
(damira.cupic@skole.hr), 1st Gymnasium Split
3. Anita Buble-Ocvirek
(), School for Nurses Vrapče
4. Jan Zamostni
(), School for Nurses Vrapče
5. Marija Jurišić Šarlija
(marija.jurisic-sarlija@skole.hr), Medical School Split
Coordinators name and surname (e-mail):  1. Zvonko Miškić (zvonko.miskic@skole.hr), Medical School Rijeka
Damira Čupić (damira.cupic@skole.hr), 1st Gymnasium Split
3. Zlatica Šimunović
(zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr), School for Nurses Vrapče
4. Sanja Perić
(sanja.peric3@skole.hr), Medical School Split

Leader School:  Medical School Rijeka
1. Mia Čop, Medical School Rijeka
2. Tena Kosanović
, Medical School Rijeka
3. Gabriela Bošnjak
, 1st Gymnasium Split
4. Lucia Ivančev
, 1st Gymnasium Split
5. Ivana Radošević
, 1st Gymnasium Split
6. Mario Nagrajsalović
, School for Nurses Vrapče
7. Luka Bakonj
i, School for Nurses Vrapče
8. Maja Sabljić
, Medical School Split

Target Group: 
Students of high schools.
Project Objectives: 
Definition of muscle function that triggers the main parts of the skeleton (speed, strength). Determine the usefulness of the muscular system. Training of future health professionals on the challenges of the real world.
Heart building and the principle of muscle work. The students will explore how the muscles that drive the bone (lever) in the joints are connected, and determine whether the muscle function is speed or strength. Compare and analyze the number of individual levers with the function in the body, and try to determine the usefulness of the muscular system. Present the results on a 3D model.
Collaborators:  Schools, mentors, teachers of the medical group of subjects and teachers of physics and biophysics
Place of implementation:  School
Duration (phases):  May 2019 - February 2020
Expected Results:  Applying learned knowledge and skills in future health care work
Risk Factors:

Insufficient funds for achieving all the project stages

Synopsis of project   "Our Leverage"  Synopsis of project "Our Leverage" Minimize

Use expert literature to determine the type of lever that represents the bone as a lever and muscle as a force acting on the lever. Define muscle function (speed, strength). Use ICT to analyze the obtained data.
   Encourage students to independently research, stand out, logical conclusion, critical thinking, and teamwork. Prepare students for lifelong learning.

The texture and role of the muscle
• Determine the points of muscle intercourse (force force) from the bones (trigger) you are initiating.
• Determine the point of the bone support (lever support).
• Determine the point (load force exertion) in which the bone is burdened.
• Determine the arm and arm force.
• Determine whether the muscular function is speed or strength.
• Analyze the number of muscles by function.
• Assess the usefulness of the bone and muscle system.

Stage 1 (June 2019)
Select project theme
Choosing schools in co-operation
Stage 2 (July 2019)
Task-sharing between schools in co-operation (July 2019)
Stage 3 (September, October, December 2019)
Work on the project
The first exchange of students (October 2019)
Second student exchange (December 2019 or January 2020)
Stage 4 (January / February 2020)
Final activities and project presentation

Students Exchange in project    "Our Leverage"   Students Exchange in project "Our Leverage" Minimize
Students Exchange

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