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(administrate February 12, 2018)

   With this segment of the project "E-Medica" we want to encourage new ways of learning through the fun and learners of different schools, to encourage teamwork, and to promote the use of new information-communication technologies in all of our schools as well as exchange of acquired knowledge and experiences.

   In the project "E-Medica" we are also involved in the project's joint projects through the design of projects on suggested topics by students who are interested in the students, but they are realized under the mentorship of the teachers.

   The projects are initiated by the school of the project holder whose students have designed the project idea in accordance with their interest. After that, the head of the school team of the project writes (with students) the application (plan and project synopsis) and submits it to the National Project Coordinator
Zlatica Šimunović (zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr).
   The project is then published on the "E-Medica" web pages in the section
"Projects in progress" and are waiting for partners.
   The partner school teams themselves, through their school coordinator, are reporting to the project coordinator school whose coordinator is now completing the project's application to the partner schools by the end of the application deadline. This has officially started the work of the project.
    Please note that for the realization of the project a minimum of two or a maximum of five schools is needed, which have shown an interest in a specific topic.
   The schools organize their project teams of 2-5 students who under the guidance of their school leader realize the project: co-operate and carry out the necessary scientific-research work, arrange mutual communication, video meetings, visit and thus realize the project.
   All project phases and project monitoring are published on the web pages of their project and all reports and changes are reported exclusively by the coordinator of the project manager school.

As the basis of our work is to promote cooperation and use of information communication technologies, this is the foundation of this segment to develop joint projects between two to five schools through mutual visits of school teams, as well as the use of information-communication technologies in mutual communication and project theme management. In developing joint projects, students use common forms of communication (email, Adoba Connect, Skype, Polycom, Facebook, Twiter ...)

   We also want to point out that the collaboration of several schools on the development of a joint project must result in a one unique presentation created by the students, and that all materials (presentation, video and audio materials, surveys, documents ...) are delivered to the email of the National Project Manager Zlatica Šimunović (on email zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr). In this way all the visitors to our official "E-Medica" web sites can see your work and use it for your teaching needs.

   Please refer all your suggestions and calls for co-operation, as well as questions about running and realization of joint projects with your School Coordinator who cooperates with and coordinates all activities with the project coordinator's school coordinator.
    We invite you to contact the national project manager in case of any ambiguity Zlatica Šimunović











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