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School of Midwifery Zagreb: Glagolitic Alley  School of Midwifery Zagreb: Glagolitic Alley Minimize

"Glagolitic Alley"

Project of School of Midwifery Zagreb



1. School of Midwifery Zagreb
2. Medical School Split
3. Women's General Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy High School Zagreb


March 11, 2012

 Coordinator name and surname:
(sure and email)        

1. Konstantina Božak (konstantina.bozak@skole.hr)
2. Antonela Czwyk Marić
3. Jakica Lovrić

Project Manager: 

1. Đurđa Arbutina (durda.arbutina@skole.hr)
2. Marina Kamber
(  )
3. Irena – Marija Vojvodić
Small Glagolitic administrative offices of the School of Midwifery (second-year groups) and Head - Durda Arbutina, prof. (durda.arbutina@skole.hr)

Target audience: 

Students of various schools who wish to participate in this project

Target/s of the project: 

Exploring the cultural heritage of the Croatian and written alphabet in Istria of 11 - 15 century. Connecting with the cultural and historical events related to the emergence and spread of the Glagolitic during this period and the wider region (Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Rome, Slovenia). Specifically exploring the meaning and content of Glagolitic alley in Istria near Buzet.


Each participant selects one monument or city, revealing its content and significance. One can choose from: Roc City, monument (Rock Glagolitic alphabetic)
 1. Čakavski
Parliament (Glagolitic letter S),
 2. Cyril and Methodius (symbolizing the Holy brothers)
 3. Sit Kliment Ohridski (founding chair of the Slavic University)
 4. Glagoljski lapidary (fragment collected at different sites aches)
 5. Gorge Croatian codices (monument encyclopedia of knowledge in the 12th century),
 6. Viewpoint Gregory of Nin (stone books carved Glagolitic, Cyrillic and Latin),
 7. The Rise of the Istrian divorce (set of legal texts from the 13th and 14th centuries),
 8. Wall Croatian Protestants and heretics (stone monument with fragments of texts Glagolitic Protestants),
 9. Resting place Žakna George (Monument Tikanoja first Croatian book)
10. The monument resistance and freedom (three stone blocks - symbols of historical periods),
11. Doors of Hum (farming community calendar). Hum - the smallest town in the world (Hum graphite).


Darko Žubrinić Professor of Mathematics at the University of Zagreb, employed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing involved with workshops in the areas of Women's Glagolitic high school, Zagreb.

Place of implementation: 

Istria: Roč – Glagolitic Alley – Hum.

Time  (Phases): 

Stages of project development to April 20, 2012 according to her supervisor Đ. arbutin;
In June 2012 - One-day excursion to the Glagolitic Alley (Roc - Hum)

Expected results: 

Exploring and studying the cultural and historical heritage, combining knowledge and experience, create and deepen cooperative relations, developing independence and competence, incentives for lifelong learning.

Risk Factors: 

Lack of resources, lack of staff.

The Last lesson of Glagolitic, May 24, 2012  The Last lesson of Glagolitic, May 24, 2012 Minimize

Last lesson in Women's Classic Gimnasium

   After four months, completed the School of
in the Women's Classic Gimnasium, Zagreb.

   School for Midwives to mentor Đurdja Arbutina, prof., sudents of second grade, and coordinator Božak Konstantina, visited on those last hours Glagolitic. Students were the director, Sister Elizabeth Peršić donated a picture with the letter S and tendrils that symbolizes Jesus Christ. Image they develop in students attending schools for midwives glagolitischen office of the Small Schools.

   A student from the School of Midwifery, Sara Krizmančić faked a midwife from ancient times. With a university professor Darko Žubrinić we all succeed in Glagolitic print prayer "Our Father" in the Old Slavic language.

   Of course, attended the mentor of Women's Classics Gimnasium, Irene Marija Vojvodić, prof. with their students. Glagoljica for some of us does not end, but will definitely become a part of our lives.

Konstantina Božak         
(Coordinator School for Midwivws)


Excursion Glagolitic Alley - September 7, 2012  Excursion Glagolitic Alley - September 7, 2012 Minimize

Excursion for participant of the project

   School of Midwifery
Zagreb and Women's Classic Gymnasium Zagreb were Friday, September 7, 2012 year on a day trip to the Glagolitic Alley, from Roc to Hum, to complete the project "Glagolitic Alley." Put organized Božak Professor Constantine, and we were joined by some members of the Friends of the Glagolitic alphabet. Split Medical School has apologized for the inability to participate. On the way they participated both mentors; Irena Vojvodić and Đurda Arbutina, and director of both schools, and sister Elizabeth Peršić Gordana Tobisch.
    Our time was wonderful. At each station, students Glagolitic were exhibited on the fact that all discovered about each monument, and what is the meaning behind it. The main guide was a professor of times Arbutina Durda, who was holding the keys to the entrance to the church, while the rest of us tourists who happened to be there watching with envy, because they can not get into. We finished the tour in the afternoon lunch in Hum tavern. We are now ready for the Review "Days of E-medica".
   Studenst from
Women's Classic Gymnasium Zagreb: Danijela Bošnjak, Helena Lacić,Katarina Jambrošić, Klara Duvnjak Učenice iz Škole za primalje: Sanja Babojelić,Ines Tarandek,Valentina Turkalj, Zvonimira Ivančević, Barbara Lukić, Marina Katušin, Ivana Mužar, Ivana Horvat.


Konstantina Božak         
(School for Midwifery Zagreb)

Workshop Glagolitic in Zagreb (Thursday, March 22, 2012)  Workshop Glagolitic in Zagreb (Thursday, March 22, 2012) Minimize

orkshop of Glagolitic


   Sister Elizabeta Peršić, headmaster of the Women's Clasic Gymnasium Zagreb, one thime in month organized a workshop of the Glagolitic in areas of Women's Clasic Gymnasium. She invited to participate a Đjurdja Arbutin, leader-mentor of project Glagolitic Alley,  Konstantin Božak, coordinator of the School of Midwifery and  students from School for Midwives. participating in the project. Mentor in the Women's overall high school Irena Marija Vojvodić.

   At Thursday, March 22, 2012. Such was the second workshop, Which we featured photographs. The workshops are very interesting and we share the passion for learning. Workshops led Darko Žubrinić, professor of mathematics at the University of Zagreb, employed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. One of the Founders of the Friends of the Glagolitic in Zagreb in 1993. Author's Glagolitic fonts for LaTeX, located in an online archive CTAN, Which are part of a full installation of MiKTeX's. About these fonts in 1992 and 1996 published two articles in the journal Tugboat for mathematical typography, published by the American Mathematical Society. He has held a number of public lectures throughout the Croatian, in schools, libraries and tourist enterprises, and has participated at several scientific meetings that dealt with aspects of Croatian Glagolitic culture. He revealed that the Croatian Glagolitic books unless kept in Croatia another 26 countries, mostly in Western Europe, in about 60 cities. He found some to previously unknown manuscripts, for example, lost Bašćanski bratovštinski manuscript from 1420 in Oslo, Norway.
   I might add that the professor Žubrinić amazing person full of knowledge, pleasant and patient teacher, odd and even a modest receiving praise.

Konstantina Božak         
(Coordinator School of Midwifery)

Thanks for the support project E-medica:  Thanks for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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