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7th Anual "Days of E-medica 2013"
November 9, 2013
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Addiction To Chocolate

Project of Secondary School Pakrac, Croatia

    ASSOCIATES SCHOOLS:   1. Secondary School Pakrac, Croatia
2. Medical School Viktorovac Sisak, Croatia
3. School for Nurses Vinogradska Zagreb, Croatia
4. Medical School Split, Croatia

Date:  September, 20. 2012
Project managers:   1. Danijela Štampf (stampf.dani@gmail.com), Secondary School Pakrac, Croatia
Coordinators:   1. Vesna Bozić (vesnabozic7@gmail.com), Secondary School Pakrac, Croatia
2. Marina Čajić
(marina.caic@gmail.com),  Medical School Viktorovac Sisak
, Croatia
3. Ljiljana Borić Miklin
(ljiljana.boric-miklin@skole.hr), School for Nurses Vinogradska Zagreb
, Croatia
4. Antonela Czwyk Marić (antonela.czwyk-maric@skole.hr), Zdravstvena škola Split, Croatia
Leader:   Secondary School Pakrac, Croatia
Target Group:  
Third grade students
Objectives of the project:  
Application of simple tools based on harmless ingredients - baking soda, vinegar, citric acid, soap, alcohol, dried flowers and herbs, essential oils, etc. Comparison of commercial and domestic funds, and a description of its operation.
Discover the types of chocolate, to investigate the effects on the body.

Place of implementation:      
Vrijeme trajanja:   
During the year

Expected Results:   
Risk Factors:   

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