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Botox and hyaluronic fillers 

Project of SMUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov" Skopje, Macedonia

    ASSOCIATES SCHOOLS:   1. SMUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov" Skopje, Macedonia
2. Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
Date:  December 28, 2012.
Project managers:   1. Milosevska Aleksandra  (a.miloshevska@yahoo.com), SMUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov" Skopje, Macedonia
2. Ana Sinković (ana.sinka@gmail.com), Medicinska škola Bjelovar, Croatia
Coordinators:   1. Milosevska Aleksandra  (a.miloshevska@yahoo.com), SMUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov" Skopje, Macedonia
2. Biljana Balenović (
biljana.balenovic@bj.t-com.hr), Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
Leader SMUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov" Skopje, Macedonia
Target Group:  
Objectives of the project: 

The goal of these projects are not just handle these two components as part of ESTHETIC correction but instead devote some attention from their use for medical purposes as a corrective materials which can help with treatment of some defects and impairment of the level of the head and neck.
Familiar with their hemycal system
  - what makes them usefull
  - Is there anything what should worry the patient
  - How long are exerting effect
  - when they need to be complemented
  - benefit


Anyone who wants to work on this project should handle each part starting from
hemycal system, indications and contraindications, method of application, the achieved effects to the patients (you could visit medical persons working Botox and fillers) make photos or even better keep records.

Place of implementation: 
Expected results:
Risk Factors:   

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