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"Live Word"
Project of Secondary Medical School in Split

    Schools that participate:  1. Secondary Medical School in Split, Croatia
2. Medical School Bjelovar
, Croatia
Date of application:  13th of February 2012.
Project managers:  1. Mirjana Vučica (mirjana.vucica@skole.hr), Secondary Medical School in Split, Croatia
Zorka Renić (zorkarenic@gmail.com), Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
Coordinators:  1. Antonela Czwyk Marić (antonela.czwyk-maric@skole.hr), Secondary Medical School in Split, Croatia
Biljana Balenović (biljana.balenovic@bj.t-com.hr), Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
Students 1. Anita Čutura, Secondary Medical School in Split, Croatia
2. Mia Mustafovski,
Secondary Medical School in Split, Croatia
Target audience: 
Second and third class students (in agreement with their mentors).
Project goal/s: 
- to realize value of the human word from ethic-moral and psychological-medical stand;
- to see the need for human live communication, advantages and flaws of communication through digital media;
- to identify and cherish the beauty of different dialects of Croatian language;
- to develop mutual cooperation and communication and learning of the presentation skills .
- to conduct research about the use of certain words among peers;
- to value the quality of communication and influence of word misuse among peers, and towards patients;
- to elaborate „small dictionary“ of a health employee when meeting a patient;
- to explore the new literacy and new youth language under the influence of modern media, especially Internet,
- to study the dialect of local surroundings
Associates:  Schools, their mentors, school official authority, certain subject teachers, staff in health institutions.
Place of conduct:  Areas where students live and attend school, and if possible even broader.
Duration (phases)
From February 2013. to October 2013.
Expected outputs: 
- growing awareness about importance of the spoken word;
- nurture of the communication culture with peers and patients;
- to identify advantages of the modern communication technologies, but also its flaws due to its influence on literacy and the expression language;
- to realize the beauty of Croatian dialect and mother tongue.
Risk factors: 

- lack of associates
- negligent task completion

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