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Can we avoid unnecessary cosmetic surgery

Project of Secondary School Bedekovčna, Croatia

    ASSOCIATES SCHOOLS:   1. Secondary School Bedekovčna, Croatia
2. Medical School Varaždin
, Croatia
Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
Date:  February 9, 2013
Amended September 16, 2013
Project managers:  
1. Suzana Đanić (sudanic@inet.hr), Coordinator in Secondary School Bedekovčina, Croatia
2. Saša Josip Milec  (sasa.milec@gmail.com), Medical School Varaždin, Croatia
3. Ana Šinković  (anashinka@gmail.com), Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
1. Suzana Đanić (sudanic@inet.hr), Secondary School Bedekovčina, Croatia
Ksenija Janjušević  (ksenija.janjusevic@skole.hr), Medical School Varaždin, Croatia
Biljana Balenović  (biljana.balenovic@public.carnet.hr), Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
Secondary School Bedekovčna, Croatia
1. Silvija Krajnik, Secondary School Bedekovčina, Croatia
 2. Kristina Kahlina
, Secondary School Bedekovčina, Croatia
 3. Lana Janeš
, Secondary School Bedekovčina, Croatia
 4. Barbara Ratkajec
, Secondary School Bedekovčina, Croatia
 5. Tonka Šoštar
, Secondary School Bedekovčina, Croatia
 6. Simon Ipša
, Secondary School Bedekovčina, Croatia
 7. Ivona Mrazović
, Medical School Varaždin
, Croatia
 8. Jelena Labaš
, Medical School Varaždin
, Croatia
 9. Laura Raić
Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
10. Marija Banjan
Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
11. Vera Ilics
Medical School Bjelovar, Croatia
Target Group:  
School students who want to participate in this project
Objectives of the project: 
Introduction to cosmetic surgery, the psychological development of young people and creating the image of himself, and the application of the justified and unjustified execution of corrective cosmetic surgery, as well as adverse effects and complications that can occur.
Each participant chooses area:
1. Explain what is cosmetic surgery, which deals with the most common operating iznesti brief corrective actions.
2. Explain the individual's psychological need for cosmetic surgery, and describe the psychological development of adolescents (as that in this age develop specific picture of yourself and your own body)
3. Conduct a survey among students in schools in order to see what kind of image they have of themselves.
4. To enumerate and show some of the celebrities who have made corrective actions
5. Show examples of how surgical procedures can result in unintended consequences.
All who sign up to participate in the project.
Place of implementation: 
In schools associates.
From February 2013 to September 2013
Expected results:
Familiar with cosmetic surgery.
Become familiar with the psychological development of individuals in puberty and adolescence, as well as the creation of self-image.
Explain the difference between medically justified and unjustified performing cosmetic corrective procedures.
Show unintended consequences of improperly performed corrective surgery, and complications with this procedure can occur.
Linking knowledge creation and deepening of cooperative relations, the development of autonomy and competence, incentives for lifelong learning.
Risk Factors:  Lack of resources, lack of staff.

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