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"What Are Medical Benefits From Physics"

Project of SMUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov", Skopje, Macedonia 

    ASSOCIATES SCHOOLS:  1. SMUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov", Skopje, Macedonia
Medical School Split, Croatia
Medical College Zagreb, Croatia
Date:  February 24, 2012.
Project managers:  1. Nataša Gligorovska, SMUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov", Skopje, Macedonia
2. Nada Puljić  (nada.puljic@skole.hr), Medical School Split, Croatia
Marina Dumaničić  (marina.dumancic@gmail.com), Zdravstveno uciliste Zagreb
Coordinators:  1. Miloševska Aleksandra (a.miloshevska@yahoo.com), SMUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov", Skopje
2. Antonela Czwyk Maric  (antonela.czwyk-maric@skole.hr),
Medical School Split, Croatia
3. Vojislav Bosnjak
 (vojislav.bosnjak@skole.hr), Medical College Zagreb

Leader:  MUGS "D-r Pance Karagozov", Skopje
STUDENTS:  1. Ivona Kljaković-Gašpić, Medical School Split, Croatia
2. Tina Baleta
Medical School Split, Croatia

Target Group: 


Objectives of the project: 
Introduction to the technical breakthroughs that significantly contributed to medicine to be what it is today, powerful in detecting breaches that have occurred in humans and more powerful methods and procedures of his return to the normal state.
Each school who will join the project will process a particular category of technical advances, and all together as a whole will present all. Target categories set aside achievements::
  - electrocardiography EKG (heart alphabet)
  - X-ray-rtg-(body terms)
  - ultrasound diagnosis-(sound reflected)
  - CT-(images that come alive)
  - magnentna resonance( image tissue)
  - radioisotopes and nuclear medicine-(radiotherapy changes in)
  - laser-powerful device in modern medicine-general medicine, dentistry, surgery
Place of implementation: 
Time (phases): 
Expected results:    Get a clear picture of how these developments occurred, which prompted scientists to the research work, and most importantly, what is the benefit and how they function.
Risk Factors:   

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