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The Altitude Sickness  The Altitude Sickness Minimize

The Altitude Sickness
Project of The Secondary Medical School Varaždin

    Participating Schools:  1. Medical School Varaždin
2. School for Nurses Vrapče
Date:  November 10, 2013
Project Leaders:  1. Ksenija Janjušević  (1ksenija1@gmail.com)
2. Alleksandra Vidoša

Koordinators:  1. Ksenija Janjušević  (1ksenija1@gmail.com)
2. Zlatica Šimunović
Medical School Varaždin
1. Marta Hrman, Medical School Varaždin
2. Lorena Cenić
, Medical School Varaždin
3. Mateja Lončarić
, Medical School Varaždin
4. Lea Pavlić Haskić
, School for Nurses Vrapče
5. Matija Fait
, School for Nurses Vrapče
Target Group: 
Highschool students.
Project Objectives:  To study causes, prevention and treatment methods of altitude sickness
Examine the values of normal atmospheric pressure; classification of above sea level
Examine the causes, symptoms, and treatment methods of sickness
Examine recommendations for acclimatization
Interview – climbers
Consult mountaineering clubs
Consult professional literature
Making the presentation

Mountaineering clubs


Place of implementation: 
School’s participants
Mountaineering clubs
Mountaineering lodges
Duration (phases):
Studying literature
Finding mountaineering clubs: interview
Making the presentation
Expected Results: 
Point out the risks of staying on high sea levels; methods of prevention and rules of treatment .
Risk Factors:  None.

Students of the School of Nursing Vrapče visiting medical school Varazdin (September 20, 2014)  Students of the School of Nursing Vrapče visiting medical school Varazdin (September 20, 2014) Minimize

Exchange students in the project "Altitude sickness"

   Students of Medical School Varaždin, Marta and Lorena, under the guidance of their coordinator and mentor KsenijaJanjušević, within the project "altitude sickness", welcomed their friends from Nursing school Vrapče from Zagreb on the 20th September, and together decided how the presentation was going to look like.
   At the beginning we got acquainted with our guests, teacher Aleksandra Vidoše and students Lee and Antun, and immediately went to work. Together we reviewed the presentations and materials prepared separately and decided how our presentation was going to look like. When we finished with the project activities, we showed our guests the school.After that, we went on a short trip together which was related to the theme of the project - hiking at Ravna Gora.
  When we arrived at "Filićev dom", we joined the experienced mountaineers who shared their experiences with us. We had lunch at the mountain hut, as well as some rest and a chance to take photos. After a beautiful stay and socializing in nature, we returned to the mountain valley and wentback to Varaždin. When we arrived, we took our dear guests sightseeing and later to the bus station. We greeted each other and now we are anxiously waiting for our next meeting on the 8th Meeting "Day of E-medica 2014"

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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