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Big Epidemies In History
Project of The Medical school Split  

    Participating Schools:  1. Medical school Split
2. Medical and Chemical School Šibenik
Date:  February 01, 2014
Project Leaders:  1. Nediljka Petrovski (dika359@gmail.com), Medical school Split
2. Krešimir Škugor  (kreso.skugor@gmail.com), Medical and Chemical School Šibenik
Koordinators:  1. Gorana Rosandić  (gorana rosandic@hotmail.com), Medical school Split
2. Aleksandra Acalin 
(aleksandra.acalin@si.htnet.hr), Medical and Chemical School Šibenik 
Medical school Split

Target Group: 
Second and third grade pupils.
Project Objectives: 

To explain a genesis of large epidemics
To compare different ways of problem solving
To clarify and show genesis and spreading of epidemic from a microbiological point of view.


To discover causes and ways of spreading of epidemics
To acquaint with the ways of problem solving of contagion spreading in different environments
To explore ways and modes of treatment during epidemics
To point to the way and extent to which a phenomenon of epidemics has been influencing a development of medicine
To explore a local history and compare events in different cities
To put on scene selected event (funeral, treatment during epidemic).


Schools, mentors, teachers of vocational subjects
Institute of Public Health in Split-Dalmatia.


Place of implementation: 
Split, Šibenik...
Duration (phases):

February – October 2014

Expected Results: 
To enlarge knowledge about local history, to note how circumstances influence the spreading of epidemics as well as the ways of problem solving, to familiarize with a development of medicine
To strengthen the awareness about the importance of understainding of historical facts. 

Risk Factors:  Shortage of partners
Incomplete execution of tasks

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