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Blood groups, nutrition and disease by blood groups  Blood groups, nutrition and disease by blood groups Minimize

Blood groups
nutrition and disease by blood groups
Project of The Medical school Varaždin

    Participating Schools:  1. Medical school Varaždin
2. Medical College Zagreb
3. Medical school Split
Date:  November 10, 2013
- exchange October 6, 2014
Project Leaders:  1. Nataša Vuković  (natvuk@gmail.com) - project leader, Medical school Varaždin
2. Maja Gregorić 

3. Margita Nimac-Kalcina
Koordinators:  1. Ksenija Janjušević  (1ksenija1@gmail.com), Medical school Varaždin

The SMedical school Varaždin
1. Anja Kreš, Medical school Varaždin
2. Andreja Kocijan
Medical school Varaždin
3. Sara Bačani
Medical school Varaždin
4. Tomislav Mrla, Medical College Zagreb
5. Paula Vučinovac
, Medical College Zagreb
6. Antonija Antunović
Medical school Split  
Target Group: 
Students who wish to participate in the project
Project Objectives: 
Explain blood groups and their inheritance.
Explore whether certain foods affect the human metabolism and if yes how.
Find out the extent to which the consumption of certain foods leads to pathological changes in the body, and the morbidity of certain diseases.

Statistically research and process the information about diet and health problems in different age groups , and compare and connect certain blood groups with changes in metabolism and the incidence of certain diseases of the blood type (which exist according to some researches).

All who wish to apply to participate in the project.
Place of implementation: 
Medical school Varaždin
Medical College Zagreb
Medical school Split
And by appointment in the filed- transfusion departments, doctor's office, collaboration with nutritionists.
Duration (phases):
From January of 2014 to September of 2014
January - division tasks schools that will participate in the project
February and March - collecting of information in the field and processing of the same
April - making joint presentations
May and June – student exchanges and synchronizing the results.
Expected Results: 
We expect cooperation with other schools, doctors and nutritionists in order to have a greater pattern so we can make a better correlation of the effect of diet and certain foods on psychological and physical health of humans and the emergence of certain diseases characteristic for a particular blood group.
Risk Factors:  We are looking for sponsors for realizationg of meetings between students and teachers. Looking for sponsors for the realization of meetings against students and teachers. (Visit transfusion department, nutritional practice, general practitioners)

Second exchange students from Zagreb and Varazdin (September 17, 2014)  Second exchange students from Zagreb and Varazdin (September 17, 2014) Minimize

Students from Medical College Zagreb visited Medical School Varazdin


   On September 17, 2014, Paula Vucinovec and Tomislav Mrla, students from the 4. a class of the programm medical laboratory technicians, and their mentor, Maja Gregoric, visited Medical School Varaždin. Together with the project leader "Blood types, diseases and diet", Natasa Vukovic, mag. med. bioch., and students Anja, Andrea and Sara, they discussed the project and worked on a final presentation.
    Students exchanged experiences and commented on and coordinated results of surveys on dietary habits carried out in Zagreb, Varazdin, Split and Bjelovar. The hosts showed us the school and the General Hospital Varazdin, its Department of transfusiology, where Dr. Gordana Jaklin, spec. of transfusiology, gave us a short lecture on blood types and the impact of blood donation, and showed us the department of transfusiology. We were also given the opportunity to determine our blood types and learn the process of blood type determination.
   After the visit to the hospital and a short meeting with Mirjana Grabar-Kruljac, the principal of Medical School Varaždin, some pleasant time was spent socializing over lunch and sightseeing in Varaždin!

Maja Gregoric, dipl. ing. med. lab. diagn.

Students from Medical Collage Zagreb visited Medical School Varazdin ( September 17, 2014)  Students from Medical Collage Zagreb visited Medical School Varazdin ( September 17, 2014) Minimize

Exchange students in the project "Blood groups, nutrition and disease by blood groups"

   On the 17th of September of this year, Medical School Varaždin, as the participant on the project Blood types, nutrition and diseases related to blood types welcomed the students Paula and Tomislav along with their mentor Maja Gregurić from Medical College Zagreb. The host students, Anja, Andrea and Sara, and their mentor NatašaVuković, successfully carried out the meeting even though the guests from Medical school Split were not able to come.
   The first part was held in our school in good company and discussing about the project. The students and mentors exchanged experiences, discussed and agreed on result of the survey on eatinghabits carried out on the examinees from Zagreb, Varaždin, Split and Bjelovar.
   After exchanging thoughts, we showed our guests around the school and went to the General hospital Varaždin, to the department of transfusiology where dr. GordanaJaklin was waiting for us. She held a short lecture on blood types, the importance of donating blood, and at the end she showed us the transfusiology department and explained how it functions.
   Not only that we had the opportunity to determine our blood types but actually got to know the principles of doing that. After visiting the hospital and having a nice conversation with the headmaster, Mirjana Grabar Kruljac, we took our guests to the new student canteen and concluded the whole meeting with a pleasant walk and sightseeing.
   The time passed by quickly but it gave us the motivation for further encounters and the opportunity for arranging our next activities.

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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